Thursday, May 14, 2020

Wuki - Chicken Wang (ft. Diplo Snappy Jit)

If you’ve been watching my career at all you know I’ve bounced all over the place for years trying to hone in my sound. I’ve made booty bass, house, trap, pop, basically every genre you can possibly think of. but this is the moment it all comes together - my debut album. I truly feel like I found my sound in the past year or so and the vision is clear as day. This body of work is something I can really say I'm 100% proud of, couldn’t be more excited to be working with HARD Recs on it, and to have you all along for the ride. This first single is just to start, so shoutout to Diplo and Snappy Jit and shoutout all my baby wuks, love you all. CHICKEN WANG IS OUT NOW, LEMME SEE THOSE DANCE MOVES

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