Friday, December 31, 2010

Apollo - Licker (Woody McBride rmx)

This is truly as sublime as old school hard techno can get ! So appreciative of this era of sound ... IN THE UNDERGROUND !!!!!!

The World Is Yours ; Electronic Evolution

       It should come as no surprise that our electronic way of life has become just that " A way of life " . The new electronic revolution has been stirring for some time . Computers have revolutionized our human existence and we depend on them . Shopping , Work , human connection , communication , and entertainment . We have fallen in love with a new pet and this is something most can no longer do without !
       In this new world of "auto -Simulation " and  " Computer Generation " it seems there is no end to the sub-realistic world of sci-Fy reality......The next generation has an extra sense and its computerized !  Hip Hop , Pop , and top 40 hits of the past have paved the digitally enhanced brick road for its predecessors . Kanye West , Jay Z , Nas , Lupe fiasco and Pharrell are just a few who have tapped into the electronic influence to create Hip Hop Classics !!! If you can think it , you can do it mentality . Sixty somethings look like Twenty somethings . The false reality has become our guilty pleasure ! A new system of cyber manipulations and tact's have been born and new age of grind ! Link , Share < Post , Link , Share < Post  The existence of boundless network reprogramming our way of life . One can only speculate how advanced we will be in 30 more years ....  In Cyber space you are Denied nothing ! The world is yours !!!