Monday, December 31, 2018

Krewella - 2018 Recap

Happy New Year to our beloved Krew! I know it seemed like a quiet year for us in the sense that we didn't release much music. But we decided to be patient with our creative process in the studio and re-discover why we love creating so much in the first place, along with embarking on some spiritual journeys and soul searching, and just having fun doing stuff outside music too. Nevertheless, you guys still showed the fuck up whether it was support online or coming to shows we had all around the world. If there's one thing we really felt in 2018, it was this forcefield of energy amongst our fans on a global scale...that intangible force of the #GlobalKrew that flows across across borders, bandwidths, and bodies of water. From North America, to Thailand, Myanmar, Japan, South Korea, China, Pakistan, India, Czech Republic, Dominican Republic, Spain, Russia, Germany, France, & Belgium, and beyond, thank you for making 2018 such a rich cultural experience for us. We are grateful everyday that you allow us to travel this world, it opens our mind and inspires us to continue CREATING!

love, jahan & yasmine.

📹 Warren Manegan

Afrojack / 2018 ❤️


📹: Frits van de Clips

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Re-Style - Forever Young (ft Dune) (Official Videoclip)

A special end of the year gift in the shape of music; "Forever Young".

Every year leaves a trace, something is given and something is taken. I wish everyone bright days, joyful thoughts and a great 2019!

Enjoy the music! :)

#ForeverYoung #HappyNY #Piano

DON DIABLO , Gucci Mane / Survive ft. Emeli Sandé - Best . Year. Of. My. Life.

Song: Don Diablo - Survive ft. Emeli Sandé & Gucci Mane (Danny Olson Remix)

Don't know where to begin. Let me just start by thanking every single one of you who has listened to my music, visited one of my shows, voted for me or has supported me in any other shape or form. Your love will always give me the energy and inspiration to keep on creating.

2018 was filled with highlights: the release of my FUTURE album. Entering the top 10 of the DJ Mag Top100. Becoming the #1 producer of the year on 1001Tracklists. The launch of my first Star Wars clothing collection. Collaborations with Emeli Sande, Gucci Mane, Calum Scott, Ansel Elgort, HipHop legend Nate Dogg and many others. A sold out Future XL, my biggest solo show so far. The BETTER FUTURE Charity Tour through Europe. A completely sold out FUTURE tour through North America. It's simply impossible to mention all the highlights because the list simply goes on and on. God Bless all of you my beloved Hexagonians. Together we stand for the years to come. Never forget: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Yours Truly,

- Don -

Edit: Jessey Bijl for Hexagon Film
Special thanks to: YOU!

#dondiablo #hexagonians #survive

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Jai Wolf - The World Is Ours 2.0 (2017-2018 Recap)

music has taken me around the world and back. thank you for making my wildest dreams come true. the world is ours.

footage by Dash Grey, Steven Truong, Jordan Pulmano, and Justin Nizer. video edited by Eyewax films.

shout outs to Vindata for the remix

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Djs From Mars - Jakarta + Doha Tour December 2018 - Video Diary

15th December - COLOSSEUM (Jakarta - Indonesia)

17th December - OXYGENE CLUB (Doha - Qatar)


Thank YOU ✊

From Russel, Noodle, 2D, Murdoc and Ace.

Until 2019...

An amazing year

What an amazing year its been thank you so much for all the memories you have all shared with me. I hope to continue this amazing adventure with you all, much love fam. you are the best

Deorro - Focus

Video by: Edgar florian

A State Of Trance Year Mix 2018 - Intro (License To DJ) and Outro (The V...

A State Of Trance Year Mix 2018 - Intro (License To DJ) and Outro (The Verdict)

It’s almost impossible to put into words just how amazing the year of 2018 has been for A State Of Trance and Trance music as a whole. Between introducing the video broadcast of A State Of Trance to the radio studio set-up and hosting several phenomenal ASOT events in places such as Utrecht in the Netherlands, Melbourne in Australia, Gliwice in Poland and more, we got to introduce loads of new, exciting Trance tunes to the fans and listeners every single week, which got us so many inspiring and unforgettable moments. And now, we launched the one thing able to capture all of those moments in one two-disc album: ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2018 (Mixed by Armin van Buuren)’.

The fifteenth consecutive year mix album, ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2018’ left no stone unturned to find the tracks of 2018 that mean the most to the loyal Trance fans. Based on the standings of the Tune Of The Year voting halfway in as well as the personal picks of Armin van Buuren himself, the mix album features over a hundred solid records from some of the world’s most esteemed Trance artists, including Giuseppe Ottaviani’s ‘Till The Sunrise’, Richard Durand’s ‘The Air I Breathe’, NWYR’s ‘Wormhole’ and ‘Dragon’, Above & Beyond’s ‘Red Rocks’ and Armin van Buuren’s ‘United’, ‘Blah Blah Blah’, ‘Just As You Are’ and ‘Last Dancer’.

Above all, ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix 2018’ is a way of giving back to the fans who made all of this possible, a way of making sure this amazing year of Trance will be remembered until the end of time itself. And as you close the year in style with this year mix emanating from your sound system, let us raise a glass to the next. Let us welcome another year filled with tons of gorgeous Trance records and another beautiful ‘A State Of Trance Year Mix’ to go with it.

Animated video produced by

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GRiZMAS 2018 Recap

Proud of our community. We celebrated life and the spirit of giving back. Music, art, and culture intersected with charity and empathy. We became closer with our higher selves.

Thank you all so much for building each other up. We are creating a more beautiful future together. The light grows in us all!

Happy Holidays and Merry GRiZmas!

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Track listing::
>> Intro & Drops By Riko Dan <<
1. Caspa - Anyone Else - Dubplate
2. Ternion Sound - Look No Further - Dubplate
3. Six Chakra - Blood Bath - Dubplate
4. Hebbe - Mad Hatter (Headland Remix) - Dubplate
5. Eazybaked - Ramblez - Lost Dogs
6. Roadsbeaf - 99 Problems - Dubplate
7. Caspa - No Mucking About - Dubplate
8. Joker - S Wave - Dubplate
9. Thelem - Choppah - Chapters
10. Peekaboo - Filthy Animal (Untitld x Eazybaked Remix) - Dubplate
11. Six Chakra - Midnight Flow VIP - Dubplate
12. Trends & Boylan Feat. Riko Dan - Kruger (Caspa Special) - Dubplate
13. GDubz x Tripzy Leary - Space Ships (OG MIX) - Dubaplate
14. Rez - Fuck All That (Pushloop Remix)- Dubplate
15. Dalek One Strike Back - Dubplate
16. Caspa - Fire - Dubplate
17. Truth - Lurker - Deep Dark & Dangerous
18. GDubz & Dabi - Wibble - Dubplate
19. Peekaboo - Wreckingball - Dubplate
20. Cup A' Joe - Welcome To America - Dubplate
21. G-Rex & Peekaboo - Babatunde - Wakaan
22. Shlump Feat. Call Me - Ambigous Dub - Dubplate
23. Zipse - Fights Out VIP - Dubplate
24. Caspa - Deja Vu (Eazybaked Remix) Sub Soldiers
25. Peekaboo - Essence - Dubplate
26. Kromestar & Ntype - New Era Dub - Dubplate
27. Kloudmen - 911 - Dubplate

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Tribute - Skyfall

A tribute video for Avengers: Infinity War to the song "Skyfall" by Adele.

Watch our previous video:

Watch our Thanos Tribute Video:

Click here to watch Infinity War:

Click here to watch the Skyfall Lyric Video:

Herobust - Australia Tour 2018 (Official Recap)


Video by Dan LaDue

Rubble Rebel (Champion): Notting Hill Carnival History w/Sonny Blacks ft Randy Valentine

Official Documentary & Music Video | Rubble Rebel (Champion): Notting Hill Carnival History w/Sonny Blacks ft Randy Valentine

Notting Hill Carnival is deeply embedded in London's culture, it's a shared experience that Major Lazer has performed at many times. This hybrid documentary/musicvideo is the first from Walshy Fire's personal film project company called "Walshy Fire Presents". Co-Produced with UK Director Tom Swindell, features a song by Walshy Fire and the Expanders ft. Randy Valentine called "Rubble Rebel (Champion)" on the Thanks For Life Riddim. The song celebrates Caribbean culture in the UK with an interview from an early advocate Sonny Blacks that shines a light on Notting Hill Carnival’s history... Long live Carnival!


Director & DP: @Tom_Swindell_Pictures
Asisitant Producer : Gemma Scarascia
Intro music : Derron Ellis on Steel Pan
Steadicam: Rafal Rakoczy
Editer: Nick Light
Archive Researcher: Ashitey Akomfrah

Written and Produced by


Friday, December 28, 2018

Spektre - Back Into Consciousness (OFFICIAL VIDEO) [Kraftek]


STREAM (Spotify) :

Following up on their now infamous "Another Life" EP, and their rework of Y-Traxx trance classic "Mystery Land", Spektre return to Kraftek with another statement release. The signature drums, the infectious hook, the vocal mantra running throughout, it's textbook Cosmic Techno primed for dance floor euphoria. Pleasurekraft & Kraftek music are proud to present : Spektre - "Back Into Consciousness".

Music by Spektre
Video by Pleasurekraft

Suggested non-fiction reading on the future of AI (for those interested):
- Life 3.0 // Max Tegmark
- Homo Deus // Yuval Harari
- The Future of Humanity // Michio Kaku
- To Be A Machine // Mark O'Connell
- Our Final Invention // James Barrat
- Machines of Loving Grace // John Markoff
- Superintelligence // Nick Bostrom
- Transhumanism // Kevin Warwick & Noel Sharky

Suggested viewing (documentaries):
- AlphaGo // Greg Kohs
- Lo and Behold // Werner Herzog
- Plug & Pray // Jens Schanze
- Fast, Cheap, & Out of Control // Errol Morris
- Metropolis // Fritz Lang (fiction film)*

Game of Thrones | Survivor [+ xgliix & Gotaos]


Collab Month, Day 15 — xgliix & Gotaos

xgliix —
Gotaos —


Footage is from Game of Thrones.
Music is Survivor by 2WEI.
Colouring is mine.



Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976. I only own the editing.

#fanvidfeed #collab #collabmonth2018 #gameofthrones #got

LED Anniversary VII - Official After Movie

LED ANNIVERSARY VII (Official After-Movie)

A GRO Productions film |


LED Anniversary VIII
Sunday, February 17th 2019

Tickets open WEDNESDAY 12/26 at NOON at

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Black Mirror: Bandersnatch.

In 1984, a young programmer begins to question reality as he adapts a sprawling fantasy novel into a video game and soon faces a mind-mangling challenge. Welcome back.

Watch Black Mirror: Bandersnatch On Netflix

#Netflix #BlackMirror #Bandersnatch

About Netflix:
Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Golden Hour ft. Sage Kotsenburg, Halldór Helgason, Sven Thorgren & Ståle...

Join Sage Kotsenburg, Halldór Helgason, Sven Thorgren & Ståle Sandbech as they journey to Fonna, Norway and take advantage of the longer days of light for an epic snowboard shred session that they dubbed... GOLDEN HOUR!

#GOLDENHOUR #MonsterEnergy #Snowboarding #Snowboard

2018 Cinema Supercut - The Year In Movies

As we here at FANDOM and Screen Junkies take a few days off to celebrate with our families, our very own JTE Movie Thinks brings you the best of 2018 Cinema in one epic Supercut! From superheroes to animation to horror and beyond, get all nostalgic about this year as a big thank you from all of us!

Edited by Josh Tapia aka JTE aka @JTEmoviethinks on Twitter (subscribe to his YT channel for awesome movie reviews)

2017 Supercut:
2016 Supercut:

Bea2m - Your Own Path In Life / Ego Shot Recordings / Psy Breaks

#Breaks #Breakbeat #BreaksTV #NuBreaks #EgoShotRecordings

Artist - Bea2m
Track Name - Your Own Path In Life
Record Label - Ego Shot Recordings
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