Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

destiny's child - survivor DnB remix

Classic !

Tupac - Baby Dont Cry (DnB Remix)

With A heavy heart I love to hear Tupac ....stop the hate !!! Don't Cry !!!!

Goin' Back to Cali (DnB Remix) by Kasper

Going Back , Back to Cali !!! Kasper gets it right with this one !! West coast dreams !

99 Hoodrats (Jay-Z and Chase & Status)

Jay Z never get's old ! Lovin this Chase & Status Remix !!! If you Don't like the music you can press fast forward !

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The New Bella Bass Fly .........

       Bella bass Fly .....The future of music , promotion and  and urban culture .   Bella Bass Fly is the new informational  gateway to uptempo , current music , re rubs , promotions and  up to date info to keep you in the loop of life !
       Local music and abroad , Bella bass Fly is up to date on new artists music , events , festivals and more ......No more second guessing an event , or promotional company .
        Bella bass Fly has the scoop on , the who ,what where ,when and why . There is no limit to Bella's reach ....far and wide an open call to all and everything current ...please post and share away on a promotional highway of information 24/7 ...Bella Bass Fly is here waiting for your music , event dates , promo gripes , uploads and downloads . Lets make it happen people .....LET"S GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jungle Massive III - Shy FX Essential Mix Intro

Ba , ba , Boom ,Boom festival !!!


Electro breaks !!!! Funky and progressive this song is sik !!!

Hardcore Dance music DJ Mix 27 break beat 90s techno drum bass Old skool...

DJ Aristan .......

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DJ Zinc VS Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (Drum And Bass Remix)

Mobb Deep .... I got you stuck off the realness , we be the infamouse you heard of us official queens bridge ..........

Chrstisina milian - Dip it low reggeaton remix

A tight Reggeaton' beat regulates an already great song . The ladies are sure to love this one !

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girl (DnB rmx)

Beautiful mix !!!! HoTT !!!

Bucktown (DnB Remix) - DJ Saigon vs. Smiff n Wessun & MOP


Bucktown (DnB Remix) - DJ Saigon vs. Smiff n Wessun & MOP

Bucktown !!!

Afrika Bambaataa - planet rock (stakka and skynet remix)

Rock to planet Rock ...don't stop !!! www.bellbassfly.blogspot.com !

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars ( Steve Birch Remix )

high energy Snow Patrol ....Chasing cars , one of my favorite passtimes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outkast Drum n Bass Remix

Outkast re rub ....Pretty Chill !

Dynamite Ragga Dancehall Mix

Whoah yeah ! old school !!!!1

Once Again - Aphrodite Drum & Bass Remix - Dj Madison Video Edit.mp4

Aphrodite VS. Tribe Called Quest .....Enjoy an exquisite mash up!!!!!www.bellabassfly.blogspot.com

Task Horizon feat Elephant Man - Turn It Up

Elephant man Bangs ! Turn it Up !!!!!!

Jay-Z feat. Pharrell - I Know (Nukes Drum n Bass Remix)

HOT !!! ooOOUUCH !!! Jay -Z does it again with the lov of DNB !

Simply Jeff - put the needle on the record

.....Simply Jeff kicks off Bellabassflys' new playlist " the Ills " Thanx Jeff !!!!

Simply Jeff - Put The Needle On The Record

Kicking off a new Playlist on Youtube ............" The Ills " Simply Jeffs' Put the Needle on the Record is perfect ! Thanx Jeff !

Netsky winter mix (high quality) - Part 1 + download link

Netsky.......winter mix !!! BOUNCE !!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fedde Le Grand


Fedde Le Grand ...Put your hands up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (House Remix)

Enjoy The Silence (Remix) (Video)
Depeche Mode ...Timeless !!!!!!!!!!!!!! www.bellabass.fly.blogspot.com

System Nipel - Fly System

High Energy has lost its juice on some dance floors but sounds like this keep Dance alive , help feed your soal !!

Logic Bomb - Rotation Generation *2000* [PSY-TRANCE]

Logic bomb ....Deep embeded electro , original and outstanding . Love to feel a track like this help burn the dance floor .

Jon the Dentist & Ollie Jaye - Imagination (K90 Remix)

John The Dentist illustrating the evolution of sound !!! One never tires of hearing perpetual bliss , the creative progression in this artists beats are second to none !!! A true talent indeed ! www.bellabassfly.blogspot.com

ATB - Marrakech (Official Video HD)

ATB!!! www.bellabassfly.blogspot.com !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ATB - L. A. Nights (Official Video HQ)

All I can say is .....GET ME TO THE AIRPORT !!!!!

Scarface Techno/Hardstyle Mix (fine day)


Kelis - Acapella (Mark Laurenz Remix) HD VIDEO

Kelis has always dominated originality ... This chic stays in the cut , Nas has even joined the electronic revolution , performing at UMC !!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kings And Queens(Shiftys Dubstep Remix).wmv

Getting a little Shifty ( my favorite pass time ) I live to shift !!!

Śūnyatā & KOROstyle - War of the Worlds (DUBSTEP)

'Sunyata & KOROstyle ...DJ MISSY DIME MISSDEMEANOR ( NYC ) forwarded this track ! Much appreciated !!! Bassy Grinds and glitch rubbed into swaggy female vocals .....War of the worlds graffix , an edgy hardness reminiscent of early GLITCH !!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DEADMAU5 and the Evolution Of Dance

DEAD MAU5 .... Birth name (Joel Thomas Zimmerman) originated out of  Niagara Falls Ontario , Canada . DEADMAU5 pronounced  " DEADMOUSE " waisted no time exploding onto the electronic music  scene on an international level .  If you do not know  who DEADMAU5 is , I'm afraid your showing your age . DEADMAU5 recently played the 2010 MTV MUSIC AWARDS SHOW !!!  To the people who have denied the infectious sound of electronica I'm afraid you've been lying to yourself .  The undeniable progression of sound , lights , and visual has gone main stream . To deny this music is to stop living . People who kid themselves into believing Techno is a mess of sound oobviously have never heard the makings of ; The Crystal Method , Prodigy , and  Daft Punk just to name a few . The Kanye Wests of the world will no longer be taking credit for electronic Master pieces the credit lies in the producers ! DEADMAU5 is leading the parade and the natural evolution of dace is following closely behind ! These electronic Juggernauts  are getting $70.00- $100.00 per ticket and are quickly turning into the hottest ticket in town  ! NYC is becoming a favorite playground and the response is in the puddin' !!! Vibrant over the top electronic stage shows allow even the laziest partiers a great time ! I believe Grandma would love dead mice after a show like this ! The next time your on Youtube don't forget to search the new show in town ! This crew is sure to please !                     
Hi everyone, I thought you might enjoy this podcast: http://dirtydan.podomatic.com

Hysterik - ParanÖrmal

The French revolution is here !!! Bella Bass Fly Exclusive !!! Hysterik has a European hard sound that is reminiscent of NYC Hardcore in the mid 90's this DJ never sells the beat short ! A progressive thump creating vibe and a perpetual rythem ! Dance I say !!!! DANCE !

Friday, November 5, 2010

eternal dream -VLN aka Vinzz Le Normand

The best DNB I have had the pleasure of hearing in a while ! Thank you Vinzz ! Some how this D.j. Bottled a formula for perfection and I'm a Follower !!

jungle ska in your face -VLN aka VINZZ LE NORMAND

This D.j. suscribed to BellaBassFly !!! To think he found me ! Major score ! Bella is hot on the trail of eminent sound !

Florence and the machine rabbit heart (SLOF MAN & JOR-ONE Dubstep remix)

Florence and the Machine....Hypnotic vocals will put you under quickly !!! No denying this beauty has everything it takes to steal our heart ! Rabbit Heart a soalful guilty pleasure , Florence has no shortage of amazing songs to feed that inner hunger !