Friday, October 7, 2022

Matoma - The Power (Official Visualizer)


SOLA Drops Debut LP on Grand Theft Audio Recordings


Audio Recordings
Sola have had a hell of a last 18 months and they top it off with a very confident debut album. As Dave Columbo Jenkins said in the UKF interview he did recently with them: “With a reputation for covering the entire D&B spectrum from mainstream dancefloor cuts to rugged, uncompromising underground bangers, the album showcases Sola’s broadest sonic stance but does so with an accomplished consistency that guides you through their wide-armed ride.”

STARS ALIGN kicks things off with a progressive dancefloor roller. The title track sets the scene for things to come with very polished vocals by Lauren Rose and plenty of style. Sola show their ambitious side with this uncompromising 7 minute+ intro track.

Next, Los Angeles-based rapper Whiskey Pete makes his Grand Theft Audio debut in style. Sola show the darker side of the album with BLOWBACK, an emotionally charged, heavy neuro stomper ready to take heads off.
PICO DE GALLO is one of the most memorable tracks on the album, a nod to Mexican mariachi music and one of the hardest drops on the LP. CRUISE CONTROL 
is a synthwave inspired, futuristic, emotional roller with distorted vocals and bucketfuls of funk. 

TRUE GRIT is a Jump Up crossover and brings pure dancefloor destruction. Stytch’d, one of the Northwest’s leading lights on the mic, absolutely smashes his bars and the drop somehow matches his intensity.
TURNCLOAK is one of two non-dnb tracks. It’s somewhere between halftime neuro and glitch hop in its sensibilities and really packs a punch as it swerves you through fun chops and edits.

THE DRIFT PART I is a palette cleanser that signifies you’re halfway through the LP, chilled liquid intro and an interesting drum pattern in the body.

AMAZONIA is one of the most interesting intros on the release, with forest FX, footsteps and approaching organs; while the body of the tune has a bunch of fun arps, leads and basslines.
OVERDRIVE is 140bpm of pure amen break goodness. Topped with Sammie’s vocal and syncopated bassline grooves, this one is smoooooth.

One part synth-driven mid-00’s anthem and one part modern chugging dancefloor roller complete with an array of nasty reese fills, MAINTAIN THINE HUE is surely one to get the party started.

The fifth and final vocal feature on the release sees Kit Rice’s debut on GTA with the upbeat but accessible SPOTLIGHT. Very listenable, the track rolls along nicely with crunchy drums and distorted basses juxtaposing with the laid back delivery of the lyrics.

FUTURETRO answers the question “What would someone from 30 years ago make with today’s technology if they’d just woken up from a coma?” A marriage of old sensibilities with new techniques that twists, turns and keeps you guessing till the end.

One of the hardest bangers on the whole album TESLA COILS may take you back to your Command & Conquer Red Alert days. The only production collab, Perplex knocked it out of the park with their contribution. Electrifying.

Finally THE DRIFT PART 2 provides the perfect outro to Stars Align LP. Building on the interplaying elements and motifs from Part 1 with some new ones thrown in the mix and some heavier percussion to cut through the emotional content

LUPA - Feel You (Beside Me)

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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Superorganism - On & On (Lewis OfMan Houseparty Remix) (Official Audio)

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Linney - Run to the Forest (Visualizer)


Fakear - Altar (Official Visualizer)