Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Markus Schulz - The Escape Tour | Trailer

10 hours of Isolation, 10 breathtaking locations, 10 opportunities to Escape. The album tour presentation begins this Thursday, October 1st.

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FIFA 21 x Bakermat - Baianá

FIFA 21 x Bakermat - Baianá

Bakermat - Baianá OFFICIAL 2019 MUSIC VIDEO
Special thanks to Gilles Coenders, Ea Sports, Fc Twente and Bad Birds.

Shot & Directed by: Bad Birds & Damian Karsznia

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Speaker Honey for mau5trap x Insomniac Records Livestream (September 26,...

Virtual Release Party for the mau5trap x Insomniac Records collab compilation album comin’ at ya with Bentley Dean, Body Ocean, Casmalia, HVDES, Jay Robinson, Masteria, No Mana, NOISES, Speaker Honey, SVNF8, and Tommy Trash on #InsomniacTV 🎧 #StayHome and rave #WithMe and #SpeakerHoney

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Koven Announce their Deluxe Album

We are excited to announce our brand new single 'Good Enough' coming this Thursday!

have broken ground on multiple levels; the vocalist and producer duo
have brought together two impeccable talents, as well as their creative
engineering, to bring about a project which has caught the attention of
every drum & bass subsection. And they continue to cross genre
boundaries. Their LP ‘Butterfly Effect’ on Monstercat is a testament to
their ability to move through divides, presenting a huge selection of
brand-new records from the pair, which amassed a huge total of ten
million streams. Following its release and alongside the difficulties of
Katie Koven bringing that album to the global stage, their ‘Another
Home’ virtual reality club enabled them to reach fans in a different
format. It’s this out-of-the-box innovation, both musically and in the
way they present their music, which has enabled them to connect with
fans like never before. This is why their forthcoming project will
generate excitement across the dance music scene, one which stretches
across the Atlantic, from the UK to Canada.

Onceagain released on Monstercat, the Deluxe version of ‘Butterfly Effect’ brings new material from Koven alongside a host of remixes from the biggest names across drum & bass. For its first reveal, Koven are treating their audience to fresh delivery ‘Good Enough’, through its
upbeat, searing vocals and emotive content, followed by BCee’s rework of
album selection ‘For Me’. The Spearhead Records boss takes the cut into
another light and it’s just the beginning of several high-profile
remixes from Koven’s contemporaries.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Chasing the Sound: Major Lazer

Travel with Major Lazer to Ghana and Nigeria to make the world smaller by making the party bigger. They are collaborating with cutting-edge Afrobeats artists including Mr.Eazi, Efya, Teni, Sarkodie and Amaarae as they explore the culture and history of Africa. Chasing the Sound: Major Lazer, watch now only on YouTube.

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Invisible | Nønstøp | Trap

MAPY ���� - Laugh Now Cry Later by Drake ft. Lil Durk (violin cover)

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Mapy : Hip-Hop, Afrobeat & Soca Violinist
Laugh Now Cry Later by Drake ft Lil Durk - violin cover -
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Louis The Child, TroyBoi - Fresh Juice

Fresh Juice with Troyboi is out now:
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Music video by Louis The Child, TroyBoi performing Fresh Juice. A Louis The Child / Interscope Records Release; © 2020 Interscope Records

Monday, September 28, 2020

Ytho - Nightrider

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Ytho - Nightrider

🎵 Ytho

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Eatbrain Gydra feat IHR // Wipe



 “At last, you arrive” echoed the thunderous voice that seemed to originate from the body of the temple itself. “You have displayed power, spirit, strength, and soul in getting this far, but should you wish to gain access to the hidden knowledge of this great temple, you must now face the final trial which bears no name. Precious few have reached this point, and what remains of them is now scattered across the four winds that rake at this mountain peak. Prepare yourself, adventurer, for the final trial is me.”

In reflexive response to these resounding words, the adventurer steeled themselves and braced for the impact that was sure to follow. But none such occurred, and the only assault on the adventurer’s defenses was that of unexpected silence that stung at their nerves. Still on guard, they dwelled deeper within the silence, peering into its misty recesses. There, obscured by the gusts which grazed this mountaintop, yes, there was something. The faintest sound of flesh on stone, moving slowly through the cool mountain air. Yet no creature lay before them.

Then came the shattering, a sound of incomprehensible magnitude that shot the adventurer into motion. The stone courtyard splintered before them, driving jagged shards of stone like knives beneath the adventurers feet. With a powerful leap the adventurer shot into the air, remaining suspended in levitation, a technique they had learned within the previous trial. Below them, the mountain continued to crumble and the temple fell away, revealing a magnificent serpentine form in a shower of boulders and stone slabs. Rising from the body of the mountain itself was a massive dragon, unlike any the adventurer had heard tell of even within the tales of old, and upon its head stood a shadowy form, an equal to the aura of the adventurer’s own light.

“I have kept the knowledge of this temple for thousands of years” came the voice once more, sharpened by its exposure to the alpine atmosphere. “I will not have some impudent fool steal it from me”. The great dragon reared back at its rider's command, and the adventurer concentrated their energy into a great spectral claw to match. There, the adventurer understood. Win or lose, they had gained the knowledge of the temple that they sought. This they knew in their core as they drew in to prepare a great gout of flame that would match the great dragons own.

GYDRA bring their latest single to EATBRAIN for the culmination of the saga that has seen them journey through their previous releases on the label, The Test of Power & Strength and the Test of Spirit & Soul Alike. Combining with IHR atop the peak of the power, GYDRA presents the spectacle of the BOSS FIGHT to the EATBRAIN horde as but a taste of what is to come.

Eatbrain 112 / Smooth - Black Streak





The sky was different that night. Though clear and cloudless, full of many stars that shone with luminous intensity, something was missing. It was as though someone had cloven the galaxies in twain, sundering the universal whole into two eerily separate pieces. The warrior Orion had been struck down, and elsewhere in the night the two dippers leaked inky darkness from within their ever full cups. The roar of leo rang out silent, libra’s scales were detached, and gemini bore forth not twins into the universe but rather two distinct entities tied not to each other. On the planet below, great seers and sages scrambled to make sense of this portentous occurrence, beseeching their gods and consulting their oracles with an urgency in the face of a fate that came unknown to their doors.

For there beneath the sundered sky arose creatures of myth and legend, horrors conjured forth from the terrors of sleep and raised from the sacred graves where honored dead had safely lain. The souls of some few living departed their bodies, wandering aimlessly about as phantoms in their own world, peering forth through a shrouded and ethereal veil into the rooms in which their bodies and those they loved still slept. Above, the void that sliced the sky called softly, beckoning to its levied host to walk the world in the absence of the living. Theirs was an existence of horror, condemned to shadow and storied tales that existed not under light of sun nor star. Yet here, amidst the watchful blindness of their ominous controller, they had been graced with darkness amidst which they could be born. For this was the night of fears, when the terror of the mind stood alongside the body that had made it. In creeping darkness, under sundered sky, this was the night of the BLACK STREAK.

SMOOTH returns to Eatbrain with a momentous single release, BLACK STREAK. Rallying the monstrous menagerie of the EATBRAIN horde with the frantic tonalities of its twin tracks, BLACK STREAK & ROUGHER, SMOOTH injects his hyperenergetic sonic sequences into the ears of the horrendous horde, propelling them further under the darkness of the BLACK STREAK.

Killbox Drop Massive New Single 'Nova'

Stepping on the throttle once more, ‘Nova’
is the third single to come from Killbox’s ‘Devine Profits’ album,
setting an explosive scene for the seismic LP’s eventual release. With
tracks ‘Epicentre’ and ‘Mutiny’ standing as its first chaotic building
blocks, both Ed Rush and Audio have shown their combined might is still
as strong years on from the pairing's climatic showcase. They prove
they're back on Ram and they’re here to take no prisoners

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Stepping on the throttle once more, ‘Nova’ is the third single to come from Killbox’s ‘Devine Profits’ album, setting an explosive scene 

 for the seismic LP’s eventual release. With tracks ‘Epicentre’ and ‘Mutiny’ standing as its first chaotic building blocks, both Ed Rush and Audio have shown their combined might is still as strong years on from the pairing's climatic showcase. They prove they're back on Ram and they’re here to take no prisoners

With a typically cutthroat composition, ‘Nova’ focuses on more crashing, dancefloor twists and pulsing LFOs which bubble throughout the mix. Their aim is to take you into the depths of club land through their sounds, something they do with expert precision.  Killbox delivers a hefty blow for another round with ‘Nova’, signalling that the coming ‘Devine Profits’ package is set to be a fiery follow up to their 2018 offering 'Pleasure Palace'. However, considering their combined histories, this was only to be expected from such a seminal pairing.

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Don't Feed These Animals - Animated Short Film

AWARD WINNING animation listed for the 2020 oscars about a lobotomized bunny and a living baby carrot.

Instagram: @dontfeedtheseanimals

NEBULA STUDIOS presents the story of an hungry lab bunny who accidentally gives life to his favourite food and now he needs to make unexpected alliances against a bigger threat!

Story by Guilherme Afonso, José Alves da Silva, Miguel Madaíl de Freitas

Directed by Guilherme Afonso and Miguel Madaíl de Freitas

Produced by Nebula Studios

Music by Steve Rucker

Character voices by Beardyman

Ólafur Arnalds - Woven Song

Woven Song was one of the first songs I wrote for 'some kind of peace' but ended up becoming a defining moment of the writing process. It is a metaphor for being embraced by something larger than yourself while exploring new territories, the feeling of being held while you open your heart.

Directed by Thomas Vanz
IG: @thomas_vanz

some kind of peace - november 6th
pre-order, listen and watch here:

Gareth Emery - St Mary’s (Morgan Page Remix)

Stream THE LASERS here:

Morgan Page remix of Gareth Emery - St Mary's THE LASERS album

Limited 12" Vinyl available here:

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Saturday, September 26, 2020


Corona-Safe Drum&Bass And Dubstep. Total destructo.

Sub Focus, Wilkinson - Air I Breathe (Official Video)

Sub Focus, Wilkinson ‘Air I Breathe’ Available Everywhere Now: Our album ‘Portals’ drops October 9th: Pre-order
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BVSSIC - Malfunction

Henry Fong & Knock2 - What’s the Move (feat. General Degree) [Jayceeoh R...

---- Stream more new music from Dim Mak:
Henry Fong & Knock2 “What’s the Move (feat. General Degree) [Remixes]” OUT NOW on DIM MAK

Henry Fong and Knock2's collaboration "What's the Move (feat. General Degree)" receives a collection of remixes, led by Tisoki's jarringly seductive rework. The package is rounded out by a pumping trap remix courtesy of Jayceeoh alongside additional remixes from SpeedStr and RemK.

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Dim Mak - By Any Means Necessary