Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Koven Announce their Deluxe Album

We are excited to announce our brand new single 'Good Enough' coming this Thursday!

have broken ground on multiple levels; the vocalist and producer duo
have brought together two impeccable talents, as well as their creative
engineering, to bring about a project which has caught the attention of
every drum & bass subsection. And they continue to cross genre
boundaries. Their LP ‘Butterfly Effect’ on Monstercat is a testament to
their ability to move through divides, presenting a huge selection of
brand-new records from the pair, which amassed a huge total of ten
million streams. Following its release and alongside the difficulties of
Katie Koven bringing that album to the global stage, their ‘Another
Home’ virtual reality club enabled them to reach fans in a different
format. It’s this out-of-the-box innovation, both musically and in the
way they present their music, which has enabled them to connect with
fans like never before. This is why their forthcoming project will
generate excitement across the dance music scene, one which stretches
across the Atlantic, from the UK to Canada.

Onceagain released on Monstercat, the Deluxe version of ‘Butterfly Effect’ brings new material from Koven alongside a host of remixes from the biggest names across drum & bass. For its first reveal, Koven are treating their audience to fresh delivery ‘Good Enough’, through its
upbeat, searing vocals and emotive content, followed by BCee’s rework of
album selection ‘For Me’. The Spearhead Records boss takes the cut into
another light and it’s just the beginning of several high-profile
remixes from Koven’s contemporaries.

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