Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Emoter - Heroes

Amelie Lens at the Gashouder for Awakenings Festival 2020 | Online weeke...

Awakenings. Thank you for setting the new gold standard for isolated festival stage presentation! KUDOS!!! The audience feels engaged by the depth & lighting & sound. The space feels enormous. I would go one dance step further to say that it almost feels like you have Amelie in a stadium all for yourself! Audiences feel like they are experiencing "festie vibes" in this space that almost feels as if it is in an arena. People want to get out more than ever.... Shouldn't we make audiences feel at home in their home away from home? Potentially the hottest venues play host to live streams? Why not? Ibiza,Brooklyn, London? Let's go!!!! Outstanding immaculate set by Amelie Lens. She never compromised her  intensity once. Flawless. 


Amelie Lens at the Gashouder for Awakenings Festival 2020 | Online weekender
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DJ Livia VS Peter Pipper

DJ Livia the young scratch masta Vs Peter Piper 2020

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Brennen Grey - Zero Sum Game (Original Mix)

KUSP - Rebellion (Original Mix) [Suara]



KUSP - Infernus EP
01 KUSP (UK) - Projekts (Original Mix)
02 KUSP (UK) - Infernus (Original Mix)
03 KUSP (UK) - Detroit Nach Berlin (Original Mix)
04 KUSP (UK) - Wurk II (Original Mix)
05 KUSP (UK) - Rebellion (Original Mix)

Brennen Grey - Harsh Light (Original Mix)

Brennen Grey - Harsh Light (Original Mix) - YouTube

Bassnectar & UFO! - Deep In The Jungle ⊛ [All Colors]

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“Deep In The Jungle” started off as a planet earth love song about climate change and protecting the environment, and wove in a throwback nod to chopped up breakbeats and the sublime sounds of junglist culture [viva UFO!].

#Bassnectar #AllColors #Bass #DeepInTheJungle #UFO #Heavy #Sound #Electronic #Omnitempo #BassMusic #WestCoast #AmorphousMusic #Amorphous

End of an Era | Closing the Kinjaz Dojo: Monterey Park

Dearest KIN,

In 2016, with your support, we opened the doors of Kinjaz Dojo to
provide a space for us to create and share our passion for movement and
mentality with the dance community. Over the years, this space built a
community of KIN and we are forever grateful for that.

Though we are so grateful for all that was built in this space, the
strenuous effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has led us to make the
difficult decision to close the physical space of the Kinjaz
Dojo-Monterey Park in order to focus more energy and resources on our
new Komplex in Downtown LA and our locations overseas.

Thanks for your understanding, flexibility, and support during these
challenging times.  We hope to be dancing with you again soon. This is
the beginning of a new chapter.
Respect All, Fear None.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Nicky Jam Releases A Beautifully Illustrated Music Video - Desahogo (Freestyle) | To Kick Off Your Week! Video Official



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The Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl (Glastonbury 2000)

The Chemical Brothers perform Hey Boy Hey Girl at Glastonbury 2000.

Guidance: Contains Flashing Images.  

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Bassnectar - West Coast Lo Fi Dub ft. Sati Ananda ⊛ [All Colors]

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West Coast Lo Fi got to play deep in the dub and enjoyed the true honor of working with Born I’s amazing children Siddha and Sati Ananda.

#Bassnectar #AllColors #Bass #WestCoastLoFi #Dub #Sound #Electronic #Omnitempo #BassMusic #WestCoast #AmorphousMusic #Amorphous

Sunday, June 28, 2020

KRS-One - Step Into A World (Rapture's Delight)

"Step Into a World (Rapture's Delight)" by KRS-One
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Mad Lion - Take It Easy

Track available at iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/rea...
The Official video for 'Take It Easy'. Mad Lion's patented mix of Reggae and Hip Hop. Appearances by KRS One and Fat Joe.

Chancha Via Circuito & El Búho - El Mago Georges (Official video)

Directed & animated by Kati Egely
Color correction: Pablo Padovani
Sound: Pedro Canale

El Mago Georges is part of Pleamar EP.
@Wonderwheel Recordings

Uhmeer & Full Crate - Brothers & Sisters ft. Susan Carol (Official Music...

Official video for "Brothers & Sister" by Uhmeer & Full Crate ft. Susan Carol.
A conversation translated into music, that became a 2 track EP.

Stream here on your favourite platform:

All the proceeds from the project will be donated to the National Black Women's Justice Institute:

Much love to everyone involved in the process.

Bassnectar & DJ Pound - Off The Grid ⊛ [All Colors]

Listen, download, + bundles:

“Off The Grid” is the perfect combination of two friends who think in the same forgotten language of peace, love, unity & respect: old school rave culture meets crushing off-grid bassline grindcore [huge respect DJ Pound].

#Bassnectar #AllColors #Bass #OffTheGrid #DJPound #Heavy #Sound #Electronic #Omnitempo #BassMusic #WestCoast #AmorphousMusic #Amorphous

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Ellen Allien - Walking In The Dark (Official Video)

Artist: Ellen Allien
Title: Walking In The Dark
Label: BPitch
Cat. No.: BPX009
Release Date: June 12, 2020

Video by Stini Röhrs

Styling: Hanna Farhat, Suit: Namilia

Listen/Buy here:

After the darkness comes light.

Our planet is healing, let’s step into our power and align with divinity.
Taken from the album Auraa 'Walking In The Dark’ takes things up a notch further with jabbing percussion and mesmerising atmospherics.

Don Diablo - Thousand Faces ft. Andy Grammer | Official Music Video

Stream or download Thousand Faces https://fanlink.to/ThousandFaces

Thousand Faces is definitely one of my most personal records that I have written so far. Almost seven years ago I lost the most important man in my life: my father. Since that day my vision on life has changed drastically, not long after that I started achieving all the things I dreamed of most of my life. His passing fuelled me with so much passion and dedication which, looking back on it, gave me an unprecedented amount of energy and drive to work harder than ever to make the most out of my life. During these last years I have often wondered what my Dad would have thought if he could see me now. Things got so much bigger than both of us could have even imagined from the last conversations we had. Sometimes when I am performing in front of thousands of fans it feels like I can see him standing in the crowd, nodding his head, giving me his approval. I know my story isn't unique, eventually we all go through similar experiences, it's the lessons we learn from these experiences and the way we handle it that sets us apart. I know Andy lost his Mom ten years ago which also made a huge impact on his life, so on top of his incredible vocal talent he felt like the perfect person to tell this story and by doing so, also making it his story and at the end of the day the universal story for all of us. I hope this song gives you guys hope and the strength to turn something very painful into something very positive, deep down inside I feel my dad is watching over me and I will continue to work as hard as I can to make him as proud as I can. I directed the music video myself because I wanted it to be as open and honest and possible. Love you all, X,

Eatbrain AKOV - Wumpa // Losing Time

 LISTEN >>>>          https://soundcloud.com/eatbrain/sets/eatbrain-104-akov-wumpa 
A lone sensor scanned the decimated landscape, surveying it with mechanical efficiency as it sought out signals characteristic of biological life. Heat signatures, rhythmic sonic pulses, puffs of carbon dioxide exhaled into the air, all were small tells that gave away even the most adept sneaks among their kind. For all of its advanced circuitry however, the machine gazed into a world wholly devoid of such things as it pondered its ability to continue its mission. Though it could not truly die, without a power source it would fade slowly to inactivity and languish amongst these smoldering ruins for an unknown eternity with its directive left unfulfilled. Looking with an evermore unchanged expression into the distance, the machine began to accept this fate, powering off its various systems to conserve power for its sensors in the hope that some life form might dare tread this blasted land.

Yet, as the charred remains of life that surrounded it began to cool, a single heat signature appeared on the edges of the machine's radar. It was large, of greater mass than the machine's usual targets, but its form exuded a power of which the machine knew not. Silently by nature of its exquisite design, the machine moved like a shadowed serpent through the destruction that surrounded it, tracking this novel life form with its every available optic and scanner. As it drew near, the machine spared a moment to analyze this new creature: a scavenger, come to pick at the destruction left in its wake for scraps that would feed a being of its mass. Though its momentary purpose here was clear, the beast’s form belied its true role as an apex predator, a being of force incarnate that would serve the machine’s intentions well. Striking with preternatural agility, the machine bore its way into the beast’s nervous system with exacting precision, severing its synapses and replacing them with its own synthetic connections as it took control of the beast’s hulking form. This, the machine thought, was a chassis worthy of its incredible power. This was a violent body, born for destruction, and with it the machine would further carry out its malign directive. This, a synthesis of the mechanical and biological, was more than the sum of its parts. This was the CYBEAR.

AKOV returns to EATBRAIN to deliver his bestial neurofunk fury to the ears of the horde with his latest single featuring a pair of tracks entitled WUMPA & LOSING TIME. Built upon his signature basslines, the pair of tracks explore tearout fury and funk fueled grooves in tandem, making for a pairing that brings to bear the full breadth of AKOV’s inimitable sound for EATBRAIN’s latest release.



//release dates
Beatport Excl. 08.06.20
& Worldwide - 22.06.20




LISTEN >>>https://soundcloud.com/eatbrain/sets/eatbrain-105-tobax-frenemies

Bound by immortal ties and borne of a time long since passed, a pair of twin souls have manifested themselves in recurring reincarnations across the history of this world. Inexorably linked, these two souls go about each of their myriad lives as they will, ignorant of the strands of fate so tightly wound between their disparate forms. Across all climes of our world they have walked, and in their many incarnations they have been both peasants and gods alike, for such is the fate of such spirits who are always destined to be. For all of their many forms, each and every time comes a subtle tug at their self woven webs, one that fills them with a yearning for something unfamiliar yet known. Thus it is that no matter the distance between them, each shall come to meet the other in some due time, for thus it is that their souls are intertwined. Whether meeting as equals of the material world, or as bearers of titles both lowly and high, this meeting brings a sole realization to their twin bonded minds.

From here are born their legends, heroic and tragic, of this strange pair of souls that has been flung across time. For their fate is unique and apart from any other, and so it is that these two may stand both as enemies or brothers. For every tale of these twins in which they fell some great beast, there is an equal where one does fall at the others feat. They are inseparable allies & horrible foes, cursed with this fate by a power unknown. They were, they are, and they will be again, and perhaps at this moment they call each other “friend.” Yet in their next life that same term may invoke bile, anger for the twin each so utterly reviles. Thus it is that their story may be told with one single word, that modern term FRENEMIES which is so often heard.

TOBAX summons the kindred spirits of the EATBRAIN horde with his FRENEMIES EP, which follows his 2019 EP “Seized Moment” EP and an appearance on the “Divergence II” compilation as the next part of a long collaborative history between himself and EATBRAIN. From the titular collaboration with MC KRYPTOMEDIC to the uniquely melodic 12 INCHES, FRENEMIES features four full frontal & furious Drum & Bass tracks in the style for which TOBAX is so well known.

TOBAX: https://soundcloud.com/alex-tobax

New LP Drops on DJ Hatcha's Label

Provided to YouTube by Cygnus Music Ltd

Deep In The Jungle · Eddy Seven · JMan


℗ 2020 Hatched

Released on: 2020-06-26

Auto-generated by YouTube. 

Holding the titles of both taste maker and curator, Eddy Seven is about to unleash his biggest body of work to date on veteran DJ Hatcha’s platform, Hatched. One of the leading dubstep record labels, Hatched has time and time again presented the very best of what the genre has to offer, and its addition of Eddy Seven’s forthcoming LP into its catalogue will reinforce this fact. 

From his early beginnings on household names such as Ram Records, Wheel & Deal, Subway, Philly Blunt and Tempa Records, as well as founding the renowned Uprise Audio, over the years Eddy Seven has built a rich musical profile for himself. With guest spots on Rinse FM with Youngsta and N-Type, alongside sets at the pivotal Fabric club in London and Outlook Festival,
his music has been debuted to crowds across the world. It is this same
fan base who have been waiting for this forthcoming LP, following in the
steps of his first album ‘Evolution’, which was heralded by critics,
receiving a feature in Mixmag for best album. 

R-Evolution’ is another expansive look at Eddy Seven as an artist. Including collaborators such as JMan, Polly Yates and former Pendulum MC Ben Verse, it takes you through a journey of the contemporary sounds which Eddy Seven has packaged for this release. From the expansive soundscape of tracks such as ‘All Seeing Eye’, through to the low rumbling subs of tracks like ‘Junction’, the producer takes you through his murky discography with a fresh ear. 

This is the fourth album from Eddy Seven
and it’s one of his most ground-breaking. Although when looking at his
decorated history, both as a music creator and a DJ, this was sure to be
the only outcome. ‘R-Evolution’ stands as another part of Eddy Seven’s ground-breaking artistry.



Stream here











EDX - Umoja

I can remember participating in a Umoja Cultural Festival  at the age of
13  I was already working in the industry! Listeners can enjoy this
high energy tribal sound of EDX. Shout out to EDX and Sirup Music.
Summer is in full swing. Can you feel it?



Buju Banton | Blessed (Official Audio) | Upside Down 2020

Download/Stream “Upside Down 2020” here: https://bujubanton.me/upsidedown2020

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Friday, June 26, 2020

Beats Antique & Gurbax - Dirty South

Listen to Dirty South - https://orcd.co/dirtysouth

Back in 2015 I traveled to India to explore and finally experience its magic. This incredible artist GURBAX opened for me at a funky outdoor club in Goa called Teso and I realized I was listening to the next generation of Indian bass music. Bass music at that time was just hitting in India and the syncopated rhythms and heavy drops that Gurbax was laying down was a sign of the times. Little did we know that Gurbax had spent time in America studying Music Production in New York City and Atlanta and was a fan of Beats Antique….

Now 5 year laters, we finally made a track together with Gurbax. Dirty South is a testament to the ongoing evolution of global bass music. With the heavy influences of American dirty southern hip hop to the traditional South of India, this track is a conversation of contrasting cultures finding common links though the sweaty grit that is the south.

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Video: Bhanushankar Bhatia
Art: Aditya Damle

Bassnectar & YOOKiE - Open Your Mind ⊛ [All Colors]

Listen, download, + bundles:

“Open Your Mind” is self explanatory: we want you to wake up, think critically, think outside the box, be smart and reasonable and constructive when the world overwhelms you with noise and disinformation [viva YOOKiE].

#Bassnectar #AllColors #Bass #OpenYourMind #Heavy #Sound #Electronic #Omnitempo #BassMusic #WestCoast #AmorphousMusic #Amorphous

Foundation - Official Teaser Trailer (2021) Jared Harris, Lee Pace #appletv #scifi

In the teaser trailer for Foundation, showrunner and executive producer David S. Goyer unveils a glimpse into the making of the epic saga, which chronicles a band of exiles on their monumental journey to save humanity and rebuild civilization amid the fall of the Galactic Empire. Foundation will debut on Apple TV+ in 2021.


BlabberMouf - Follow My Flow (Prod.SQB) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

Follow my Flow is the 5th music video for the ‘’Aint Backin’ Down’’ album by BlabberMouf and SQB which was released September 2019
The special edition is sold out but the repress of the Vinyl is now available at Vinyl Digital:
also visit
https://www.blabbermouf.com/shop/ for more merch!

Apple Music:

This video is dedicated to all the performing artist around the world who are stuck at home because of the corona crisis.
May we all get back to work and on the road soon.
This video was shot in 2019 during Blabbers summer festival tour.

Video by Doop HVZ

for bookings email :
germany austria swiss :

Bassnectar - The Antidote ft. Zion I ⊛ [All Colors]

Summer and Bassnectar are like BBQ's & Tater salad! This is the heat wave your local meteorologist warned ou about. Collaborations and beat mayhem ensues. 



Listen, download, + bundles:

Teaming back up again with Zion I for “The Antidote” - a slithering symphony of synthesizers which meet 808 depth and big bendy leads…west side underground.

#Bassnectar #AllColors #Bass #TheAntidote #ZionI #Heavy #Sound #Electronic #Omnitempo #BassMusic #WestCoast #AmorphousMusic #Amorphous