Friday, June 19, 2020

Baauer presents… PLANET’S MAD (The Movie)

BellaBassFly has featured each part of


individually ... Now it is time to behold Baauers masterpiece in it's entirety. Baauer gets down rite prophetic with his visual depiction of Planets Mad The Movie. Sit Back and enjoy this  slammin' beat bouncin' drum-line. Euphoric flutes, whistles & miscellaneous wildlife help create a symphony of madness! Oh yeah, did I tell you he painted this album cover himself?



A strange, mystical planet appears in orbit above us overnight. Panic ensues, while a few among us congregate to embrace this sign from the stars. On the planet we meet a range of wonderful creatures suited to their environment. This is PLANET’S MAD…the second album from the twisted mind of Baauer.

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Starring Pedro (the purple guy). Guest Starring Eric Wareheim
Directed by Harrison Rodrigues (aka Baauer)
Co-directed by Dominic Flannigan
Written by Harrison Rodrigues, Dominic Flannigan, Mason Klein, James Rodrigues
Edited by Dominic Flannigan, Rick Farin
Produced by Dominic Flannigan, Nick Vernet
Animation by Actual Objects (Rick Farin, Claire Cochran, Nick Vernet)
Additional animation by Dominic Flannigan
Titles by Chloe Scheffe, Dominic Flannigan
Music by Harrison Rodrigues
Additional Production by Holly and Hudson Mohawke
Additional Instruments by Eli Teplin and CID RIM
Home features the voice of Bipolar Sunshine
Sound design by Harrison Rodrigues

Special thanks to the whole team working hard on bringing this project to life. And to everyone supporting the Twitch and Discord. And to Eric Wareheim for getting this together under lockdown.

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