Monday, November 30, 2020

F4ST - Feliz Navidad (Yves V Edit) (Lyric Video)




 F4ST wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas, from the bottem of their heart. “Feliz Navidad”! Listen to this massive track full of good holiday vibes now on the “Home Alone on the night before Christmas” album.

LIGHTS - Deck The Halls [Official Audio]


Lights "Deck The Halls" is available now:
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Sunday, November 29, 2020

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x R3HAB - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (Lyric...




Reaching up over a million streams in just the past 24 hours is there any question  Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike might know what they are doing here. Dropping multiple audio/ visual tracks on youtube for fans to kick off the holiday season there is no question the streams on this are nothing short of exponential! Laying the foundation of sound for the season that will no doubt be a very merry Christmas indeed. Did I mention Santa Clause is coming to town? You better watch out, you better not cry... You better not pout I'm telling you why.... 




 You better watch out, you better not cry… Santa Claus is Coming to Town! Listen to this amazing collab between Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike x R3HAB. They’ve put their forces together to create a track full of holiday vibes especially for you.

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@QUINTINO - It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas (Lyric Video) e “Home Alone on the night before Christmas” album. #asmashingchristmas




 “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”, don’t you think? Listen now to this banging version of a Christmas Classic by Quintino. It’s on the “Home Alone on the night before Christmas” album. 


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Star Wars Darth Vader's Imperial March 1080p - Dave Prowse, actor who played Darth Vader, passes away at 85 years old... RIP #starwars #darthvader #bellabassfly


The original trilogy is sometimes called the "classic trilogy" in contrast to the prequel trilogy. The term sequel trilogy is used for upcoming sequels to Return of the Jedi. 


 tar Wars: Episode IV A New Hope This film introduces the characters of Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, as well as the iron fisted regime of the Galactic Empire. On Tatooine, Luke's home planet, the exiled Jedi Obi-Wan Kenobi, in the guise of a kindly old hermit named Ben Kenobi, watches over him. When Luke realizes his Jedi potential, he teams with Han Solo, joins the Rebels, destroys the Death Star and rescues Leia from Darth Vader. However, Obi-Wan dies in combat with Darth Vader. 


 Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back After the Alliance experiences a devastating defeat at the hands of the Empire on Hoth, Luke Skywalker goes to receive training from the Jedi Master Yoda. However when Princess Leia and Han Solo are captured by the Empire on Bespin, Luke attempts a rescue only to be confronted by Darth Vader. His battle with the Dark Lord ends in Luke's defeat, and he receives the horrifying revelation that Darth Vader is in fact the former Anakin Skywalker, his father. Leia manages to break free with the help of Han's old friend; Lando Calrissian; but Han is himself taken away. 


  Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi After rescuing Han Solo from the gang lord Jabba the Hutt, Luke visits a dying Yoda, who confirms Vader's revelation and reveals that there is another surviving Skywalker before expiring. Obi-Wan Kenobi's spirit appears and elaborates, and Luke deduces that his sister is in fact Leia. While the Alliance engages the Empire in a battle against the second Death Star above Endor, Luke confronts Vader and the Emperor Sheev Palpatine; the Sith mastermind who engineered the creation of the Galactic Empire and the fall of Anakin Skywalker. After a brutal duel with Luke, in which he is defeated and shown mercy, Vader shakes off the Dark Side of the Force and becomes Anakin Skywalker again, destroying Palpatine and saving Luke's life at the cost of his own. With the destruction of the Death Star and the death of Palpatine, the Empire is defeated and as the rebels celebrate, Luke looks on at the smiling spirits of Obi-Wan, Yoda, and his father.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Parris Goebel Teaches Creativity in Choreography | Official Trailer | Ma...

Parris Goebel, the visionary artist behind some of the music industry’s most iconic and electrifying performances, breaks down her techniques and creative process in her new MasterClass on creativity in choreography. Learn how Parris creates a vision and executes every detail to bring to life groundbreaking routines like Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” and Ciara’s “Level Up” music videos. Discover tips for creating cutting-edge live performances—and find the courage and inspiration to follow your dreams fearlessly.


 Learn more about Parris Goebel’s MasterClass at


 From practicing with her first dance group, ReQuest, at age 15 in her aunt’s garage to achieving viral status on YouTube, Parris Goebel found her passion at an early age and has followed it relentlessly to become a globally respected creative powerhouse. After founding the Palace Dance Studio in her native New Zealand, Parris went on to compete internationally with ReQuest. Another Palace Dance Studio group, the Royal Family, won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship a record-setting three times in a row. 


 It was Jennifer Lopez who discovered Parris on YouTube and offered the young choreographer her first big break: choreographing J.Lo’s world tour. The collaboration continued all the way to the Super Bowl. Parris has collaborated with some of the biggest names in music—from Janet Jackson and Shakira to Nicki Minaj and Rihanna—and she’s now considered one of the music industry’s most in-demand choreographers. 

 In this online class, you’ll learn about: • Parris’s journey • Her secrets to building self-confidence and presence • Unleashing your creativity and finding your unique voice • Fundamental dance formations • Adding emotions and dynamics to choreography • Parris’s special effects for transitions • Finalizing a live performance • Developing and directing a music video • Casting dancers • Running a successful set • Behind-the-scenes techniques from Justin Bieber’s “Sorry” music video and Ciara’s “Level Up” music video • Building a personal brand that’s authentic and iconic


 More from MasterClass: • Misty Copeland Teaches Ballet Technique and Artistry: • Timbaland Teaches Producing and Beatmaking: • RuPaul Teaches Self-Expression and Authenticity:


 About MasterClass: MasterClass is the streaming platform where anyone can learn from the world’s best. With an annual membership, subscribers get unlimited access to instructors and classes across a wide range of subjects. Stream thousands of lessons anywhere, anytime, on mobile, desktop, and TV.

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SIN.FULL MAZE Notequal ~ Diving EP



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cover by: MK Art
mastered by: František Říha


The world is moving in some crazy ways at the moment. The need for raves is serious… But this producer trio based in Košice, Slovakia, decided to fuse their minds in order to reach their ultimate goal: to release 3 EPs on 3 labels in 2020. 

November - SIN.FULL MAZE

The DIVING EP on SIN.FULL MAZE is going to be released on 30 / 11 / 2020
BANDCAMP PREMIERE on 23 / 11 / 2020. 

Energetic, techy, experimental. Descend as a debut track builds itself with the fake first drop that has some serious straight beat (You smell that Netherland’s vibe?). Second drop goes full bananas - punchy-metal flow works like an avalanche taking the tune’s idea on the walk with the highest urgency. You just descended one level down. Keep going.

Entering under the water surface you gotta make yourself synchronised with the local climate. And Synchronen is a bouncy swagger! Swifty drums, hard hitting stabs and kicks, dry FXs and roomy low-key sub makes you feel like a drunk and horny sailor… you just got to get yourself synchronised. 

This is deep. Exploring the unknown areas of the subworld. Dissolution’s synths and sub-bass will lead you to feel that atmosphere from this new experience. You can hear the ocean’s life whispering how small and pathetic you are. Accept it, merge with it, move on. Just chill with it.

Set Point
Set Point feels like they are running away from what they have seen down there, innit?
War elephant horns, rolling percs, explosive and sharp sequences. It is angry, it is straightforward and it ends here…

PLOT-TWIST: It is actually a global-warming slash Salvador Dalí reference, hh. 

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DJ Rap 'Rollercoaster Remix' Out NOW!

DJ Rap returns with another slammin'  remix track.... The  Rollercoaster Remix EP is here.  Peak the freshest installment  of sound. Juggernaut DNB queen DJ RAP delivers.  The Rollercoaster Remix EP is out now..... 



Following her smash hit 'Rollercoaster' the  Rollercoaster Remix Ep' does not disappoint.
We see remixes from the one and only talented producer deploy with a truly beautiful interpretation of the track as well as remixes from Kiliin' Time and artiste we are used to seeing on DJ Rap's label with many of his own stunning releases. Dj Rap remixes her own track turning her production skills to produce a  liquid version of the track. This Remix Ep will surely brighten the mood and lead you to escape any cold winter night with its epic vibes!

Rollercoaster Remixes are out NOW 🥂😍 Rollercoaster Remix EP is officially out today in all good digital stores!👇
 Thanks so much for loving our music!💋🔥🙌✌💓🙏 #drumandbass #dnb #rollercoasterremix #deploy #killintime #dnbnation #dnbfamily #djrap #newrelease #propatalent I really hope you guys enjoy it! 🙈 Luv&Bass DJ Rap x💋

DC Breaks - 'Never Slow Down' feat. Eva Lazarus (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)


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RAM Records Sound in Noise Unleashes 'Shapes'

  RAM Records Sound in Noise Unleashes 'Shapes' 

Sound in Noise unleashes the final part of his debut album, and it encompasses his journey from newly signed artist to a staple of the Ram roster. His ‘Shapes’ project has spanned over multiple chapters and reaching its final verse he delivers four more brand new selections.s. 

Already receiving support from the likes of Rene LaVice on BBC Radio 1, Harriet Jaxxon on Rinse FM, Andy C as part of his BBC Radio 1 Essential mix, Mollie Collins on Kiss FM, Noisia Radio and Estonian Radio 2 as part of their playlisting, Sound in Noise has been a frequent guest on the radio airwaves. But his high-ranking support doesn’t stop there. The three previous Eps making up ‘Shapes’ have also gained him spots at publications such as Ear Milk, Magnetic Magazine, Your EDM, UKF, Most Addictive and many other tastemakers. Proving it’s a taste to suit every palette, especially amongst the big guns.un

Furthermore, Sound In Noise has had DJ support just as far ranging. A staple of many Andy C sets, including his infamous One7Four x UKF live stream, other household names like Doctor P, DJ Craze, TC, Noisia, Bassline Smith, Rene LaVice, High Contrast, Dieselboy, Noisia, London Elektricity and Chase & Status have also thrown weight behind his tracks. For each of the Eps, his backing has been strong - hinting to the success of the full ‘Shapes’ package which drops imminently. 

Meanwhile, the rolling bass rhythms of ‘Expert Killa’ sit midway alongside Daniel Levi’s harmonic overtures amongst ‘Nights Like These', as the LP closes on the chaotic club twists of ‘Touch’. The Estonian producer proves his worldwide influence and makes a climatic impact on the Ram Records moniker through his biggest body of work to date – ‘Shapes'. And it's a highly anticipated  conclusion.conclu


Friday, November 27, 2020

What Happens When A Freerunner Loses His Phone? w/ Jason Paul -#redbull #parkour #JasonPaul


The moment freerunner Jason Paul is dropping his phone from a roof is when a spectacular hunt through Hamburg, Germany begins.


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As if doing tricks on top of an eight story tall building isn´t thrilling enough, dropping your beloved phone with all your hard earned clips on it should really get the adrenaline pumping! On the plus side for German reerunner Jason Paul it falls right into the handbag of a tourist in sight, on the down side Hamburg´s famous water channels in the Speicherstadt, HafenCity and Alster river make for a challenging adventure to get it back. In his humorous Jason-Paul-style, he takes the shortcut down the Maritime Museum where he finds himself chasing after boats, hijacking e-scooters and for the grand finale; jumping from a bridge onto a driving double-decker bus. But it´s not over here… 



 Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and original series, prepare for your "stoke factor" to be at an all time high. 

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Industry: Official Trailer | HBO


How far can ambition take you?

 Industry, an HBO Original, premieres November 9 on HBO Max.

 #IndustryHBO #HBO #HBOMax


 Song: “Look Up” by Mas Ysa 

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 Industry is an exhilarating dive into the world of international finance, as seen through the eyes of ambitious twenty-somethings struggling to secure their futures.

 The series follows a group of young graduates competing for a limited set of permanent positions at a top investment bank in London – but the boundaries between colleague, friend, lover, and enemy soon blur as they immerse themselves in a company culture defined as much by sex, drugs, and ego as it is by deals and dividends. As members of the group rise and fall, they must decide whether life is about more than the bottom line. 

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 Industry: Official Trailer | HBO



Krazy Baldhead - The 4th Movement (The Glitch Mob Remix)


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Created by Lake Hills

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Timmy Trumpet & Gabry Ponte – Mad World (Official Music Video)


The first single from the upcoming debut artist album “MAD WORLD” by Timmy Trumpet 🌎 Stream Single: | Pre-Save Album: 






 Written & Directed by Shaun David Barker. Produced, Edited & Directed by Matt Henry. Director of Photography: Mike Thackray. Assistant Director: Julian Cassady. Talent: Kiara Castillo, Imani Hanson, Robert E Davis, Sara Kelley, Wilson Aldas. Casting by Katie Griffin. Assistant Camera: Daniel Patrick Brennan, Colored by Sam Shapiro. Key Grip: Adan Perez, Set Production Assistants: Denis Kennedy, Matt DiMarino, Skylar Watkins, Gabby Barbieri. Key Costumer: Moira Miller, Makeup Artists: Reina Malonzo & Marlene Rosenberg, Choreography (Intro): Anthony Mauriello, Head of Security: Kyle Young, Medical Safety Officer: Alicia Lawler. Special thanks to the Philadelphia Film Office. 


 Mad World #MadWorld #TimmyTrumpet #GabryPonte #TimmyTrumpetSongs #TimmyTrumpetAlbum #SmashTheHouse #SpinninRecords #SINPHONY #Philadelphia #GaryJules #MichaelAndrews #DonnieDarko

Europe - The Final Countdown (Azept Hardstyle Bootleg) Goodbye 2020!!!!




Europe - The Final Countdown Hardstyle Remix _____ 
Original Song by Europe - The Final Countdown _____ Used videomaterial from : 
 Deenis - World of Hardstyle 2019: