Saturday, November 28, 2020

SIN.FULL MAZE Notequal ~ Diving EP



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cover by: MK Art
mastered by: František Říha


The world is moving in some crazy ways at the moment. The need for raves is serious… But this producer trio based in Košice, Slovakia, decided to fuse their minds in order to reach their ultimate goal: to release 3 EPs on 3 labels in 2020. 

November - SIN.FULL MAZE

The DIVING EP on SIN.FULL MAZE is going to be released on 30 / 11 / 2020
BANDCAMP PREMIERE on 23 / 11 / 2020. 

Energetic, techy, experimental. Descend as a debut track builds itself with the fake first drop that has some serious straight beat (You smell that Netherland’s vibe?). Second drop goes full bananas - punchy-metal flow works like an avalanche taking the tune’s idea on the walk with the highest urgency. You just descended one level down. Keep going.

Entering under the water surface you gotta make yourself synchronised with the local climate. And Synchronen is a bouncy swagger! Swifty drums, hard hitting stabs and kicks, dry FXs and roomy low-key sub makes you feel like a drunk and horny sailor… you just got to get yourself synchronised. 

This is deep. Exploring the unknown areas of the subworld. Dissolution’s synths and sub-bass will lead you to feel that atmosphere from this new experience. You can hear the ocean’s life whispering how small and pathetic you are. Accept it, merge with it, move on. Just chill with it.

Set Point
Set Point feels like they are running away from what they have seen down there, innit?
War elephant horns, rolling percs, explosive and sharp sequences. It is angry, it is straightforward and it ends here…

PLOT-TWIST: It is actually a global-warming slash Salvador Dalí reference, hh. 

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