Wednesday, November 11, 2020

ATTLAS - Thunderstorms From The Balcony


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Visualizer by Thomas Moore: 

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▶︎ about #ATTLAS: Over the course of the past four years, ATTLAS has become one of mau5trap’s most celebrated artists. Canadian musician Jeff Hartford’s enthusiasm for music began at a young age, he grew up playing in bands and learning instruments like piano, trumpet, and guitar. His immersion in songwriting continued to grow when he attended university, and he interned for a composer after completing his courses. It was during this time that he started applying the techniques he’d learned in the studio to electronic music and began sending his completed works to deadmau5’s mau5trap label. The label initially signed a few tracks and then ATTLAS as an artist, and Hartford released three EPs in 2015 via the Canadian imprint. In the years since then, he’s delivered singles, EPs, and remixes – all showcasing the textured, introspective sound he’s spent years cultivating. 

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