Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Nathan Micay - Industry (Official HBO Soundtrack)





 Outstandingly unapologetic, emotional, riveting.... Sound engineering perfection. A journey of sound. This is what we do here. THIS is soundtrack scoring. Show created by Mickey Down. 


Main series theme taken from the original soundtrack to HBO & BBC original series 'Industry'. Composed, written and produced by Nathan Micay. Mastered by Beau Thomas. Soundtrack available digitally Dec 4th on LuckyMe Records. Video uploaded with 16bit audio. Full quality available digitally in December, with worldwide release on all formats in Spring 2021.
Nathan Micay -
 Industry OST 
1 - Industry (4:12)
 2 - Birth Of A World Killer (2:45
3 - Winnings (3:05
4 - He Still Has The Key (2:22
 5 - Country Club Henries (6:48
 6 - Cutting A Line At The Tailor (2:24)
 7 - Don't Speak To The Press (For My Love) (4:03)
 8 - Harper's Morning Pitch (2:24)
 9 - To Me, You're Worthless (4:03)
 10 - You're Far Too Young (2:27)
 11 - Funnily Enough I Remember (3:15
 12 - I Need The Structure (2:33)
 13 - Grad Walk (2:15)
 14 - End Credits (Let's Go Make Some Money) (1:40
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“Electronic music with a widescreen palette, ‘Blue Spring’ creates a whole world for the listener. It’s a breath of fresh air, an electronic LP delivered by a film score composer’s imagination” — The Quietus     
“Remarkably inventive” — Future Music 
  “A bold, big-picture record” — Dazed
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