Thursday, November 26, 2020

The North Face Presents: FACETS


Cheers to all the insane women who do not care what others think... To all the women who step outside the box.... To all the women too busy to get caught up in petty behaviors and the thoughts of nay sayers! Cheers to you and all the women learning everyday how to be better. Free of judgment. Simply free. Those who fall and get back up each and every time. Don't hope for respect, DEMAND IT!!!!


Each of us are part of a greater whole, a community that grows stronger together especially when it’s open to all. Leanne Pelosi, Jess Kimura, Marion Haerty, Mary Rand, and Amanda Hankison show us just that. A unique look at these inspiring athletes that make up one hell of a portfolio. This one is for the next generation of riders carving their own paths.

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