Saturday, November 28, 2020

DJ Rap 'Rollercoaster Remix' Out NOW!

DJ Rap returns with another slammin'  remix track.... The  Rollercoaster Remix EP is here.  Peak the freshest installment  of sound. Juggernaut DNB queen DJ RAP delivers.  The Rollercoaster Remix EP is out now..... 



Following her smash hit 'Rollercoaster' the  Rollercoaster Remix Ep' does not disappoint.
We see remixes from the one and only talented producer deploy with a truly beautiful interpretation of the track as well as remixes from Kiliin' Time and artiste we are used to seeing on DJ Rap's label with many of his own stunning releases. Dj Rap remixes her own track turning her production skills to produce a  liquid version of the track. This Remix Ep will surely brighten the mood and lead you to escape any cold winter night with its epic vibes!

Rollercoaster Remixes are out NOW 🥂😍 Rollercoaster Remix EP is officially out today in all good digital stores!👇
 Thanks so much for loving our music!💋🔥🙌✌💓🙏 #drumandbass #dnb #rollercoasterremix #deploy #killintime #dnbnation #dnbfamily #djrap #newrelease #propatalent I really hope you guys enjoy it! 🙈 Luv&Bass DJ Rap x💋

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