Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Ganja White Night - Dirty Girl

Available everywhere - https://smarturl.it/gwntheone 

 Not your typical "Dirty Girl" music video .... It seems this lady is not afraid of a little hard work. Sometimes you just have to pull your sleeves up and get the job DONE!!!! Who can relate?  This lady is a bit different then your typical music video vixens .... She is not afraid of those filthy  bass beats. Blasting off into the next dimension is part of the job. Whos' ready?  Let's go! When it comes to the battle of light over darkness light ALWAYS wins...  Another animated  masterpiece......I am in perpetual awe of  Ebo's illustrating skill. These music videos are produced one after another in such a short time  frame  with tremendous detail. His method is insane. Hard work has  his name drawn all over it!


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