Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dirtyphonics & ƱZ - Hustle Hard (feat. Trinidad Jame$) - Hustle Hard (Of...

Dirtyphonics & ƱZ - "Hustle Hard (feat. Trinidad Jame$)” OUT NOW on Dim Mak Records

I want to shout out to  ƱZ!!!!!  ƱZ shows mad support when I blog his videos. Artist support is important and it certainly makes me feel good to have the support of the artists I promote! It also shows  great character. Thanks again  ƱZ!!! His beats are hard and always on point! Who wouldn't want to collab with  the man behind the the mask? Smart move!

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Dirtyphonics & UZ - Hustle Hard Feat. Trinidad James (Official Music Video)
(Directed by J.B.)


Dirtyphonics on tour
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We going up in this mother ******
You know what's going down, Dirtyphonics in this bitch
Tj James UZ UZ UZZ

When I was young, I aint have much shit
15 i had a job and 15 i had to quit
turned around and next year was serving ****** nicks
sold everything, n*gger I could make a list
y'all ****** ain't hustling and y'all ****** ain't grindin
I done seen it all trust me
ought to take a little time in

If you know that you're a hustler put your fucking hands up 3x

hey! hey! hey!

you gotta hustle to you die
hustle hard

you gotta hustle to you die
hustle hard

hey hey hey

you gotta hustle to you die
hustle hard

you gotta hustle to you dieeee

Mother fucking hustle

hustle hustle hustle hard 4x

can't stop hustlin 
no sir
can't stop grinding
no sir
can't stop hustling 
no sir
can't stop grinding


I can never stop hustling n**** it's in my blood
I can never stop grindin man I'm from the hood
and I can't do broke, it don't look good
and if you don't get your money up you gets no love
I gotta stay fresh
I gotta feed my family,
cause if I can't do that then what I"m living for
I don't want to pull that uzi out and rob a n****
Dirty w the phonic man you don't want a problem n****

Hustling is a habit 
Got to hustle tIll you have it

Hustling is a habit 
Got to hustle tIll you have it

Hustling is a habit 
Got to hustle tIll you have it


By Any Means Necessary

For Dim Mak, community comes first. Since the label's inception in 1996, Dim Mak has thrived on a commitment to preserving a boundless, forward-thinking music collective. Dim Mak is a lifestyle brand encompassing records, events and apparel, all the while tapping into the vast network of artists that influence modern music culture in order to bring them to stages worldwide.

DJ Fresh & Adam F - Believer (Official Video)

Pre-order: (out 07.06.15)

Premiered as Annie Mac's Special Delivery on BBC Radio 1 on 20th March 2015, this is the official video for DJ Fresh & Adam F's new single 'Believer'. 

Following on from his collaborations with Diplo, Jay Fay, TC, Ellie Goulding and most recently Ella Eyre with 'Gravity', DJ Fresh is back with Adam F for their new single 'Believer'. 

Written by DJ Fresh, Adam F, Yolanda and Ray Keith. 'Believer' is out on Ministry of Sound Recordings on June 7th. 

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Azealia Banks - Ice Princess

Oh No! Rihanna better watch that throne! Azealia Banks sound likes she may  have her eye on Ri Ri's ceptor!!! All eyes on the "Ice Princess" Azealia Banks! Is it just me oris it cold in here?

Get “Ice Princess” from Azealia Banks’ new album BROKE WITH EXPENSIVE TASTE on


Official video for “Ice Princess” directed by WeWereMonkeys


Sami Switch | Canvas [Spoken Word]: SBTV

Sami Switch  can spit! This poet will draw you in and not let go. Authentic, truth. Raw emotion. Canvas... 

Sami Switch sketches his 'Canvas' through spoken word. The singer, rapper & poet returns to SBTV with a follow up poem to his 2012 viral poem 'Ocean Of Pain'.

Watch Ocean of Pain -

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MANTU & Max Joni - And I (Official Video)


from Ultra Music

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Adam Beyer & Joseph Capriati @ Awakenings April 3rd, 2015 Gashouder Amst...

Check out for our upcoming events! Video by: Matemade.



Generik feat. Nicky van She - The Weekend (Official Music Video)

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Mad Max : Fury Road - Trailer 2015 (Music Adrien Casalis)

Mad Mad Max : Fury Road - Trailer 2015 (Music Adrien Casalis)Max : Fury Road - Trailer (2015)

Music : Adrien Casalis

Terminator Genisys - SoundTrack - I'd Love To Change The World (Jetta)

Seeya - Colleen D'Agostino Acoustic Cover

Collide EP available now:

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Vocals: Colleen D'Agostino
Piano: Jon Moreaux
Guitar: Steve Ornest
Directed by: Christian Gonzalez - The Seventh Sense
Engineered by: Jud Benner

Human Machine - "Polymorphism" (Official Video)

I often contemplate what it is like to be a "club kid" in the current state of dance music. A day when people actually lack rythem in droves! I used to love dancing to tracks like this!

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TOM & HILLS ft JUTTY RANX - Digital Love (Official Video)

TOM & HILLS ft JUTTY RANX - Digital Love (Official Video) [Delcroix & Delatour Edit] out now.

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