Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Architexture - Diplo Presents: @Large - Ep 1

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Art does bring community together! I am also a mural artist. When I am painting I feel the communities excitement. The creativity is infectious. One simple act can change the world! Believe that... Kudos to Diplo for all his hard work. He is only one man after all. I don't think there is another artist that I blog as much as diplo. He has many "irons on the fire"   That said Diplo always finds time to do more!

Diplo Presents: @LARGE - Creators At Work will follow influential modern artists through their creative process as they make new large-scale public works. Episode 1 follows two artists who are determined to create something…out of nothing. Effective art transforms one thing into another – a used and beaten burlap sack finds new life when woven into a giant tapestry, while a discarded and rusted bedspring becomes the roof of human sized bird’s nest.

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