Friday, December 31, 2010

Apollo - Licker (Woody McBride rmx)

This is truly as sublime as old school hard techno can get ! So appreciative of this era of sound ... IN THE UNDERGROUND !!!!!!

The World Is Yours ; Electronic Evolution

       It should come as no surprise that our electronic way of life has become just that " A way of life " . The new electronic revolution has been stirring for some time . Computers have revolutionized our human existence and we depend on them . Shopping , Work , human connection , communication , and entertainment . We have fallen in love with a new pet and this is something most can no longer do without !
       In this new world of "auto -Simulation " and  " Computer Generation " it seems there is no end to the sub-realistic world of sci-Fy reality......The next generation has an extra sense and its computerized !  Hip Hop , Pop , and top 40 hits of the past have paved the digitally enhanced brick road for its predecessors . Kanye West , Jay Z , Nas , Lupe fiasco and Pharrell are just a few who have tapped into the electronic influence to create Hip Hop Classics !!! If you can think it , you can do it mentality . Sixty somethings look like Twenty somethings . The false reality has become our guilty pleasure ! A new system of cyber manipulations and tact's have been born and new age of grind ! Link , Share < Post , Link , Share < Post  The existence of boundless network reprogramming our way of life . One can only speculate how advanced we will be in 30 more years ....  In Cyber space you are Denied nothing ! The world is yours !!!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thursday, November 25, 2010

destiny's child - survivor DnB remix

Classic !

Tupac - Baby Dont Cry (DnB Remix)

With A heavy heart I love to hear Tupac ....stop the hate !!! Don't Cry !!!!

Goin' Back to Cali (DnB Remix) by Kasper

Going Back , Back to Cali !!! Kasper gets it right with this one !! West coast dreams !

99 Hoodrats (Jay-Z and Chase & Status)

Jay Z never get's old ! Lovin this Chase & Status Remix !!! If you Don't like the music you can press fast forward !

Sunday, November 21, 2010

The New Bella Bass Fly .........

       Bella bass Fly .....The future of music , promotion and  and urban culture .   Bella Bass Fly is the new informational  gateway to uptempo , current music , re rubs , promotions and  up to date info to keep you in the loop of life !
       Local music and abroad , Bella bass Fly is up to date on new artists music , events , festivals and more ......No more second guessing an event , or promotional company .
        Bella bass Fly has the scoop on , the who ,what where ,when and why . There is no limit to Bella's reach ....far and wide an open call to all and everything current ...please post and share away on a promotional highway of information 24/7 ...Bella Bass Fly is here waiting for your music , event dates , promo gripes , uploads and downloads . Lets make it happen people .....LET"S GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jungle Massive III - Shy FX Essential Mix Intro

Ba , ba , Boom ,Boom festival !!!


Electro breaks !!!! Funky and progressive this song is sik !!!

Hardcore Dance music DJ Mix 27 break beat 90s techno drum bass Old skool...

DJ Aristan .......

Thursday, November 18, 2010

DJ Zinc VS Mobb Deep - Shook Ones (Drum And Bass Remix)

Mobb Deep .... I got you stuck off the realness , we be the infamouse you heard of us official queens bridge ..........

Chrstisina milian - Dip it low reggeaton remix

A tight Reggeaton' beat regulates an already great song . The ladies are sure to love this one !

Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girl (DnB rmx)

Beautiful mix !!!! HoTT !!!

Bucktown (DnB Remix) - DJ Saigon vs. Smiff n Wessun & MOP


Bucktown (DnB Remix) - DJ Saigon vs. Smiff n Wessun & MOP

Bucktown !!!

Afrika Bambaataa - planet rock (stakka and skynet remix)

Rock to planet Rock ...don't stop !!! !

Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars ( Steve Birch Remix )

high energy Snow Patrol ....Chasing cars , one of my favorite passtimes !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Outkast Drum n Bass Remix

Outkast re rub ....Pretty Chill !

Dynamite Ragga Dancehall Mix

Whoah yeah ! old school !!!!1

Once Again - Aphrodite Drum & Bass Remix - Dj Madison Video Edit.mp4

Aphrodite VS. Tribe Called Quest .....Enjoy an exquisite mash up!!!!!

Task Horizon feat Elephant Man - Turn It Up

Elephant man Bangs ! Turn it Up !!!!!!

Jay-Z feat. Pharrell - I Know (Nukes Drum n Bass Remix)

HOT !!! ooOOUUCH !!! Jay -Z does it again with the lov of DNB !

Simply Jeff - put the needle on the record

.....Simply Jeff kicks off Bellabassflys' new playlist " the Ills " Thanx Jeff !!!!

Simply Jeff - Put The Needle On The Record

Kicking off a new Playlist on Youtube ............" The Ills " Simply Jeffs' Put the Needle on the Record is perfect ! Thanx Jeff !

Netsky winter mix (high quality) - Part 1 + download link

Netsky.......winter mix !!! BOUNCE !!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Put Your Hands Up For Detroit - Fedde Le Grand


Fedde Le Grand ...Put your hands up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Follow us on Twitter: Join us on Spinnin' Facebook: Subscribe to our House playlists on Spotify: Join us on G+ : Released on Spinnin' Records in 2007

Depeche Mode - Enjoy The Silence (House Remix)

Enjoy The Silence (Remix) (Video)
Depeche Mode ...Timeless !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

System Nipel - Fly System

High Energy has lost its juice on some dance floors but sounds like this keep Dance alive , help feed your soal !!

Logic Bomb - Rotation Generation *2000* [PSY-TRANCE]

Logic bomb ....Deep embeded electro , original and outstanding . Love to feel a track like this help burn the dance floor .

Jon the Dentist & Ollie Jaye - Imagination (K90 Remix)

John The Dentist illustrating the evolution of sound !!! One never tires of hearing perpetual bliss , the creative progression in this artists beats are second to none !!! A true talent indeed !

ATB - Marrakech (Official Video HD)

ATB!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ATB - L. A. Nights (Official Video HQ)

All I can say is .....GET ME TO THE AIRPORT !!!!!

Scarface Techno/Hardstyle Mix (fine day)


Kelis - Acapella (Mark Laurenz Remix) HD VIDEO

Kelis has always dominated originality ... This chic stays in the cut , Nas has even joined the electronic revolution , performing at UMC !!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kings And Queens(Shiftys Dubstep Remix).wmv

Getting a little Shifty ( my favorite pass time ) I live to shift !!!

Śūnyatā & KOROstyle - War of the Worlds (DUBSTEP)

'Sunyata & KOROstyle ...DJ MISSY DIME MISSDEMEANOR ( NYC ) forwarded this track ! Much appreciated !!! Bassy Grinds and glitch rubbed into swaggy female vocals .....War of the worlds graffix , an edgy hardness reminiscent of early GLITCH !!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

DEADMAU5 and the Evolution Of Dance

DEAD MAU5 .... Birth name (Joel Thomas Zimmerman) originated out of  Niagara Falls Ontario , Canada . DEADMAU5 pronounced  " DEADMOUSE " waisted no time exploding onto the electronic music  scene on an international level .  If you do not know  who DEADMAU5 is , I'm afraid your showing your age . DEADMAU5 recently played the 2010 MTV MUSIC AWARDS SHOW !!!  To the people who have denied the infectious sound of electronica I'm afraid you've been lying to yourself .  The undeniable progression of sound , lights , and visual has gone main stream . To deny this music is to stop living . People who kid themselves into believing Techno is a mess of sound oobviously have never heard the makings of ; The Crystal Method , Prodigy , and  Daft Punk just to name a few . The Kanye Wests of the world will no longer be taking credit for electronic Master pieces the credit lies in the producers ! DEADMAU5 is leading the parade and the natural evolution of dace is following closely behind ! These electronic Juggernauts  are getting $70.00- $100.00 per ticket and are quickly turning into the hottest ticket in town  ! NYC is becoming a favorite playground and the response is in the puddin' !!! Vibrant over the top electronic stage shows allow even the laziest partiers a great time ! I believe Grandma would love dead mice after a show like this ! The next time your on Youtube don't forget to search the new show in town ! This crew is sure to please !                     
Hi everyone, I thought you might enjoy this podcast:

Hysterik - ParanÖrmal

The French revolution is here !!! Bella Bass Fly Exclusive !!! Hysterik has a European hard sound that is reminiscent of NYC Hardcore in the mid 90's this DJ never sells the beat short ! A progressive thump creating vibe and a perpetual rythem ! Dance I say !!!! DANCE !

Friday, November 5, 2010

eternal dream -VLN aka Vinzz Le Normand

The best DNB I have had the pleasure of hearing in a while ! Thank you Vinzz ! Some how this D.j. Bottled a formula for perfection and I'm a Follower !!

jungle ska in your face -VLN aka VINZZ LE NORMAND

This D.j. suscribed to BellaBassFly !!! To think he found me ! Major score ! Bella is hot on the trail of eminent sound !

Florence and the machine rabbit heart (SLOF MAN & JOR-ONE Dubstep remix)

Florence and the Machine....Hypnotic vocals will put you under quickly !!! No denying this beauty has everything it takes to steal our heart ! Rabbit Heart a soalful guilty pleasure , Florence has no shortage of amazing songs to feed that inner hunger !

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hard Scary Hip-Hop beat Part 2 {rap} Instrumental

Producer Noodles gets it right with this horrific Beat !!! Happy Halloween !!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Komplex Therapy Dark Drum N Bass Mix #2

Komplex Therapy ....welcome to the true defiance of sound !!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Loveparade 2008 - Carl Craig (DJ-Set) USA

Carl Craig the pinnacle of electronic perfection ! This sound God capable of hypnotizing any crowd into perpetual dance ! Rhythms the mover , this D.J. sits in a class all his own ! A true honor to be in the sounds of Mr. Carl Craig !!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bell Bass Fly Vol. 1

Youtube search ; bellabassfly vol.1 for endless re rub exploration ........

Gorillaz-Feel Good Inc. (Stanton Warriors Remix)

Gorillaz VS. Stanton Warriors = FEELGOOD !!!

The Rogue Element - Backbreaker

Sometimes we all need a break !

Massive Attack - Sly (Ambient Breakbeat Remix)

A Massive Attack is right !! These beats will cause mind disfigurement !


Electronic conscious breaking it down !!! DON'T STOPP !!!

Dj ENNo Ft. Elvana Gjata , FuGA , AlexUnder Base - Ma Mani Nejen [ House...

Foreign vocals , jiggy instruments , and progressively hype sounds make this a funky tripp !!!

G6 Remix by NTRLD

Like a G6 this track is taking off with over 1200 remix cuts to date ! This laid back re rub is the most progressive ! No doubt the clubs will be wreckin ' shop with this track for a long time to come !

Phoenix - Lisztomania (The Girls Can Hear Us Remix)

Lisztomania Re rub !!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

dj tiesto-insomnia [supy rmx]

Tiesto gets it right everytime !

Klaas meets Haddaway - What Is Love remix 2009

What is love ??? This newest cut is high energy and tons of fun !!!

Dj Trashy ☛All I Ever Wanted (Johnny CaGe Remix)

What Happened to the Breaks ??? I can barely contain myself !!!

Dj Icey ☛Love (Johnny CaGe Remix)

I always feel the Love when it comes to Iceys crazy cool Traxx !

SNEAKER PIMPS - "Spin Spin Sugar" (Armand's Dark Garage Mix)

Spin, Spin Sugar !!! If this track could tell stories this tale would be endless !, for this classic has been spun everywhere ! If you don't know it ....well , you missed out !!!!!

Florence + The Machine Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) Lionheart Remix

Wow!!! This vocalist is the tart !

Dj Emmanuel vs. Tom Petty "I Won't Back Down" (Trip-Hop Mix)

A simple Break Beat turns this old rock classic into a dance track !

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

people are strange - infected mushroom & the doors

Infected mushrooms infectious echoes and dominant piano keys will take you adrift in a dark world of the strange!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sarah McLachlan - Fear (Remix)

Fear .....Nothing to fear but, fear itself . Out of deepest depth of darkness this cut pulled me out on more than one occasion ! We all have something to do , lose , give so....What are you waiting for ??????

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Krs-One, Mad Lion, Doug E Fresh, Fat Joe, Smif-N-Wessun & Je

Throwback remix ... Alot of talent on one track ... collaboration a must !!!

missy elliot - (drum n bass remix)

I get lost in This One , Definately gets the Mind Wondering !

Welcome to Jamrock [Raggajungle Remix]

Welcome to Jamrock ! Reggea jungle re rub

Welcome to Jamrock [Raggajungle Remix]

Welcome to Jamrock ! Reggea jungle re rub

The Notorious B.I.G - Respect Remix

Club Night ...About To head Out ? This cut will get you in the mood ... Biggie Will Always Be ALIVE !!!

Buju Banton - Champion (Dubstep Remix)

This Is Buju Banton ...Need I say More !

Aphrodite - Ready Or Not (dubplate remix)

Aphrodite Re rubs this out ...teleporting you back into your youth ! This Track still gets the club swaying after all these years . Classic !!!

311- love song (remix) feat. D-ran the kidd

Love song rerub , Good cut . Mellow and laidback .

Saturday, September 25, 2010

DHT Listen To Your Heart Hard House Remix

Listen to your Heart !

Benny Benassi -The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army (House)(By Sony35)

Seven nation Army !!! Benny does it again and everytime !

Dj Trammer Dropkick Murphys-Im shipping up to Boston Remix 2010

Shipping up to Boston ! Hardcore cut ! Enjoy !

acdc thunderstuck techno mix

Thunderstruck !!!! Need I Say More ?

DJ Irene Live in Ibiza

DJ Irene never plays a bad show . Ever !!!! This woman is true to her music and self each and every show ! Highlights the true emotion in electronica ! I am truly saddened to ever miss her ! Irenes depth ,soal, and swaggar set her apart from the rest !

Rabbit in the Moon

Rabbit in The Moon! Bunny , and Monk have set the standard when it comes to live electronic shows! Wether Bunny is in a clear ball rolling over a huge crowd or turning his body into a human glow stick, this group never lacks originality! Hands down Rabbit in the Moon has the best show in the country !
Unfortunately this group is very busy and some venues like ( Bourbon St. Jacksonville , Fla ) host look alike!!!! Say it aint so!!!! Yes , some money hungry promoters will find any emaciated golden dread boy to stand in! There is no mistaking the real deal! Bunny Is one of a Kind! Don't miss this show if it comes to your zip code or you're missing Out! I hope to see them perform again!

Friday, September 24, 2010


Tom Sawyer !


DOUBLE BARREL BLOGG ROLL PART 2...... REVENGE OF THE BLOGG.DJ DIRTY DAN ....The new age sound of NYC !!! The journeyman of sound has settled in Queens ! Old schooler Dj Dirty Dan Remembers all the classics but is adamitt about producing new sounds and grooves for the new generation ! Tired over the hill acts that cannot get over ten year old traxx will be nolonger ! New sound , grooves , widgetts and fidgetts will entertain and sustain you ! Take full advantage of Dirty Dans Downloads , these traxx will not be available forever ! We all know the classics , it's time to become aquainted with what is new ; DJ DIRTY DAN !


Please Check out DJ ODI'S latest !!! less than 72 hrs. old !!! Latest tracks by djodi

Blondie Heart of Glass video remix 2006

Blondie !!! O.K. people there is no way you don't feel this one ! Thank God For nostalgia !!! Some traxx are true party starters , Heart of Glass is one of them ! If you can't get loose to this then you are TRULY UPTIGHT !!!!!!!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness

Higher State of Consciousness! Simply the best old school Techno! This video is just as good! Amping up dance crowds and turning out commercial pop listeners in seconds! Definitely one of my favorites!!!!!!!!!!!

The official music video of Wink's classic acid house track 'Higher State Of Consciousness'.

DJ Hooligan - It's A Dreamsong(Trance),Classic

A seemingly primitive track , this cut is a fetile sound that has morphed substantially over the years . Electric rubberbands , piano , contemporary sounds easily rewind time to a simpler moment !

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Better off Alone (Hype Breakbeat Remix)

Do you think your better off alone ? A dance partner is required ! This break is as progressive as it is hype ! Enjoy ! This was "THEE" track at the turn of the mellenium !!!

Take Me Away - Techno (Old School) - MV

Oldie but Goodie !

Boogie Hill Faders VS Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle

Boogie Hill Faders VS Steve Miller Band - Fly Like An Eagle
he Boogie Hill Faders Canuckadelic remix of the Steve Miller Band classic "Fly Like an Eagle". Video remix by DJ Marc West.

Deep Dish ft. Stevie Nicks 'Dreams' - OFFICIAL VIDEO


Deep Dish cuts classic ! Young or old , one cannot resist the magic of stevie Nicks ! Deep Dish preservs the dignity of the song and keeps it trendy for the
new school !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

RedMore - Dark SalvationHard Kryptic Records

Redmore ....For the dark industrial hardcore Headknocker , the season of the witch is apon us ! Enjoy this black forest of Beats !

Monday, September 20, 2010

Lady GaGa - Bad Romance (David Guetta Remix)

ooh La La !

Britney Spears - Piece of Me (mad A remix)

Hot Piece !

Snap - Rhythm Is A Dancer [JMack Breakbeat Remix]

Rythem !!!

Jen Mas at Women on Wax 2 - 2003

Jen Mas! MAS!!! MAS!!! This NYC local is no rookie when it comes to hard sound ! Big room traxx , energy , and hard industrial thumps! Jen Mas brings it !!! This chic can hold her own against the greats no doubt!!  .....We will miss her here on the east coast!!!!!!

Pump Up The Volume

Pump it up !

Rob Base "It Takes Two" Jay Edward (Techno Mafia)

A laid back cut to one of the best !

DJ Rap 'Bulletproof'

Dj Rap ...Bulletproof !

Minimal Breaks: Hardy Hard, Lady Waks - Listen (Original Mix)

A funky Break !

DJ Carl Cox - Let's Do It

. . . So we did It !

Bush - Swallow (goldies toasted both sides please mix)

WoW! Swallow!

The Crystal Method- Can't You Trip Like I Do

A Trip down memory lane for sure !

Indian Piano Music - Simple Rap Hip Hop Instrumental Beat (Beautiful Me...

This Simplistic instramental will sweep you away in no time at all ! The playful melody will have you day dreaming in La La land !

Friday, September 17, 2010

 DIRECTION :  If the " PLAY BUTTON " is disabled  please right click upper tool bar on top of video for youtube " SEARCH "  bar you can youtube any and all videos rite here at Bella Bass Fly !!!!  Another reason to always follow !

A.L.S. WHORES - I'm Really Hot ( Missy Eliot vs Felguk Exceeder Mash-up) FREE TRACK DOWNLOAD!!!!

A.L.S. WHORES - I'm Really Hot ( Missy Eliot vs Felguk Exceeder Mash-up) FREE TRACK DOWNLOAD!!!!

Dj Dirty Dan New York Cities Most up & coming ! The Sullivan Room NY , Soup , WMC , Burning Man . This Queens cat is all over from Alaska To NY . Dirty Dan is responsible for the personal destruction of dance floors and biological settings across the nation . 2010/2011 offers a new veriety of venues . The energy is high and the soalful beats groovey ! Dirty Dan sees nolimit when it comes the progressive delivery of flawless dance music . A journeyman of sound he has collected a vision ! If you have never heard of Dirty Dan ...Now is the time to get aquainted!!! please contact-- for exclusive bookings !

Busta Rhymes - Touch it (MEGA REMIX)

Touch it !

Showtek - The Colour Of The Harder Style

Showtek -Hard !!!

Hardtechno anthem

A clean sound !

Madagascar - Outdoor Music Festival

300 remix hard tech par le Bask - son de teuf

This video is very entertaining , The dramatics with the hard techno give you a sense of inner Tempo within the spartans .

DNB MIX - Starlight & Human Nature (Drum & Bass Remix)

Starlight !

Gold Digger Scratch (kanye west(dnb remix)

I'm in need !

Kanye West - Love Lockdown DNB Remix

Keeep your Love Lockdown !

The Clipse feat. Baby, Lil Wayne, Noreaga - Grindin' (Remix)

Clipse remix !

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Keoki- Space

Keoki ...Check it out !

Superstar - Lupe Fiasco [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Lupe !

Original Old School Perculator

A long History of percolation !!!

Cajmere "Percolator" - Riva Starr Cut

To Percolate ...

Dj Irene - I Do Both Jay and Jane

Both Jay & Jane !

Jackal & Hyde - Darkstar

BellaBassfly considers this to be a personal anthem ! Jackal & Hyde a dangerous duo ...destroying dancefloors throughout the U.S. are a spectacle not to be missed !!! This hard edge industrial sound will lift you up and take you away to a demension of dark creativity and futeristic robotic themes ! Dark Angels of electronic breaks !

[HD] DJ Icey - Escape

Dj Icey I love You ! BellaBassFly will never have enough Icey . Break Beat juggerknot ! Florida Breaks with a contemporary edge and flawless creativity make Dj Icey a bangin' show every singl time ! I have NEVER heard a bad break or had a boring night with this Dj ...Dj Icey is Always true to his beats , never a dull moment ! A work horse with a personal standard that is like no other ! A specail thank you for always staying true and cold as ice when it comes to a drop !

Bassbin Twins - Woppa

Top Rockin' ! Back Steppin ' !

Bassbin Twins - Two Turntables And A Crate Of Skint

Beat Blisters !

Animation Reel

A Bass Queen !

Sonic Groove 20 Year Anniversary

Sonic Groove 20th anniversary party At the Beth Isreal midtown! Sick Event , The music was flawless Adam X , Heather Heart < and of course Frankie Bones!!! Big Up To the people that never disappoint . This trio has managed to keep the love alive for over 20 years! there are no others when it comes to the beating heart of Brooklynn Techno! Bow down and pay homage to the greats as I did , do , and always will! BellaBassFly enjoyed this event fully especially since it took me a minute to find this set!!! Thank You Sonic Groove For Never taking "no " for an answer...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (Raspian Dubstep Remix)

Timbaland ft. One republic- Apologize (Techno remix)

Unknown Artist vs M.O.P. - Ante Up (DnB Remix)


Bat Country !!!

Everything but the girl vs Depeche Mode - Missing Lillian

Bachelors of Science- Bombay Sapphire

Manu Chao - Bongo Bong (Drum n Bass_Remix)

Bongo Bong !

Nneka - Heartbeat

Nneka's official music video for 'Heartbeat'. Click to listen to Nneka on Spotify: As featured on To and Fro. Click to buy the track or album via iTunes: Google Play: Amazon: More From Nneka Africans: The Uncomfortable Truth: Walking: More great 00s videos here: Follow Nneka Website: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe to Nneka on YouTube: ---------