Saturday, June 27, 2020

Eatbrain AKOV - Wumpa // Losing Time

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A lone sensor scanned the decimated landscape, surveying it with mechanical efficiency as it sought out signals characteristic of biological life. Heat signatures, rhythmic sonic pulses, puffs of carbon dioxide exhaled into the air, all were small tells that gave away even the most adept sneaks among their kind. For all of its advanced circuitry however, the machine gazed into a world wholly devoid of such things as it pondered its ability to continue its mission. Though it could not truly die, without a power source it would fade slowly to inactivity and languish amongst these smoldering ruins for an unknown eternity with its directive left unfulfilled. Looking with an evermore unchanged expression into the distance, the machine began to accept this fate, powering off its various systems to conserve power for its sensors in the hope that some life form might dare tread this blasted land.

Yet, as the charred remains of life that surrounded it began to cool, a single heat signature appeared on the edges of the machine's radar. It was large, of greater mass than the machine's usual targets, but its form exuded a power of which the machine knew not. Silently by nature of its exquisite design, the machine moved like a shadowed serpent through the destruction that surrounded it, tracking this novel life form with its every available optic and scanner. As it drew near, the machine spared a moment to analyze this new creature: a scavenger, come to pick at the destruction left in its wake for scraps that would feed a being of its mass. Though its momentary purpose here was clear, the beast’s form belied its true role as an apex predator, a being of force incarnate that would serve the machine’s intentions well. Striking with preternatural agility, the machine bore its way into the beast’s nervous system with exacting precision, severing its synapses and replacing them with its own synthetic connections as it took control of the beast’s hulking form. This, the machine thought, was a chassis worthy of its incredible power. This was a violent body, born for destruction, and with it the machine would further carry out its malign directive. This, a synthesis of the mechanical and biological, was more than the sum of its parts. This was the CYBEAR.

AKOV returns to EATBRAIN to deliver his bestial neurofunk fury to the ears of the horde with his latest single featuring a pair of tracks entitled WUMPA & LOSING TIME. Built upon his signature basslines, the pair of tracks explore tearout fury and funk fueled grooves in tandem, making for a pairing that brings to bear the full breadth of AKOV’s inimitable sound for EATBRAIN’s latest release.



//release dates
Beatport Excl. 08.06.20
& Worldwide - 22.06.20

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