Monday, September 17, 2018

JADE - Propaganda


Deep within the core of their sprawling annex, The Institution’s top minds worked diligently at their insidious craft. Their hands moved swiftly, as they worked relentlessly with the sharp tools of their mind; warping words, images, and sounds to fit their malevolent narrative. Their objective was singular, complete control exercised from the shadows, profits reaped from beyond the veil of obscurity. Trust, that most hallowed principle, was nothing to them but a tool of manipulation, exercised to to legitimize their empire. The plan was simple, a classic diversion operated on a massive scale. The creation of an enemy, the eternal outsider, one against whom the public must remain vigilant. Composed of a paradox, the outsider posed no threat, yet could never be vanquished. Instead, his reputation and the shadow of his fearful influence would loom as a spectre, a shade of darkness designed to haunt the masses. Their fear would drive them into the protection of The Institution, shepherded in the manner of livestock. From there, the extension of their complete control would be assured. The machinations of its minds completed, The Institution began its program of domination in full, disseminating its precisely produced PROPAGANDA amongst the public.

Their message was erected upon the walls of their great city, proliferated throughout the mailboxes of its citizens, and across the webpages of it their tightly controlled digital network. Their message spread with viral efficiency. The citizens’ response was sublimely realised, a surge of fear through the populace, shepherding them into the arms of The Institute as they sought security in the face of the threat birthed in pure imagination. Security, The Institution was more than happy to provide; promising strength in the face of the mysterious menace. The Institution’s agents felt the power of their positions strengthen throughout the city, soon holding its highest offices in their grip, putting greater tools of control in their hands. Initiatives were passed, laws enacted, and the vaults of the city drained. The streets were the conduit of their fear, their PROPAGANDA campaign continuing in the fearful whispers of the citizens carrying the fear of The Outsider’s presence. The cycle was set, justification freely given out of fear. The Institute’s diabolic machinations ran as pure as the fear that coursed through the city.

The man pulling the strings behind the revered EATBRAIN imprint, JADE, returns for his second release of the year on his home label with the fiercely executed PROPAGANDA EP, featuring the veteran skills of RIDO. Following on from the much-acclaimed AWAKE EP, Jade powerfully demonstrates that he’s back in the studio and putting his veteran knowledge of what functions on the Eatbrain dancefloor to effective use. Delivering two fresh, tech-infused DnB bangers, along with a faster tempo VIP of fan favourite MAN EATING LIZARD DRAGON, as well as a further strut in the unfolding genre mechanism of slow and meaty neuro in SPY CAR, the PROPAGANDA EP delivers the Eatbrain manifesto in exquisite form. Full of the energy and spirit that’s driven the label to dizz heights, this is an unmissable chapter in both the imprint and the label boss’s journey.

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