Sunday, September 16, 2018

Sarah Close - Crazy Kind (Lyric Video)


One day in December last year, I woke up with an itch to do something spontaneous. I started looking at flights whilst I was on the crosstrainer at the gym(lol) and found a cheap one to Barcelona. Without really thinking about it, i was on a flight by 4pm and landed with 23 hours in the city to do whatever I felt like. We made up our own bar crawl, had hardly any sleep, hit the beach, watched the sun set and walked miles and miles through the city. I'm pretty bad at being spontaneous, I like routine and organisation. This was a huge step out of my comfort zone and it was so refreshing, I left feeling so inspired, happy and in love. I came into the studio the next day wrote this song. :)
If you like it please stream it tons, download it, add it to your playlists and tell your friends. It means so much xxx

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