Saturday, May 30, 2020

Preview AI Meditations lead by the WarNymph #Grimes

As part of the central A/V installation of Grimes "Selling Out" art exhibition, the WarNymph AI Meditations reflect the digital realm and are a lot more effective for those of us who’ve grown up as Cyborgs, attached to our phones.

The audio featured in AI Meditations led by WarNymph was written using machine learning, in a collaboration with Grimes and Matt Aimonetti.

Background music composed and produced by Grimes and mixed by Matt Aimonetti.

WarNymph modeled by Mac Boucher.

Visual production by Production Club.

Director/Animator: Sevi Iko Domochevsky

Animator: r4zorade

This art work was originally intended to be an IRL site-specific audio/video installation.
Exhibition available at
Inquire For Information Contact: Michele Maccarone at

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