Thursday, May 14, 2020

Koven Announces Virtual Club Another Home




Welcome to ANOTHER HOME; created, curated and presented by KOVEN. - ‘Keeping the value in live music’

This is a fully immersive and interactive digital event space built using Sansar, creators of Second Life, where artists and fans can come together again and celebrate music, live performance, and each other - all from the safety of home.

There will be multiple shows conducted on show days spanning various time zones. There will be 2 ways of participating on show days; either watching via a live stream or creating your own Avatar, purchasing a ticket to enter the club and enjoying the full immersive experience from within.



It is no secret that in our current climate event organizers, musicians and performers have seen their business and livelihoods come to an abrupt halt, and will likely be some of the last to resume service once we are all safely on the other side. Our vision with this experience is to directly support artists, event organisers and fans alike in this time and keeping the value in live music.

Every ticket purchased for ANOTHER HOME will see the proceeds shared amongst the artists and event organisers who feature. You can show your support by attending a show where you will also have the option of purchasing digital merchandise inside the venue.

You’ve been there for us throughout the years and now we’re here for you. Until we meet again on the road, see you at ANOTHER HOME.



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