Monday, May 4, 2020

Ramin Djawadi - Westworld: Season 3 HBO AVAILABLE NOW - #Westworld #RaminDjawadi #watertowermusic


 Westworld season 3 orchestral cover album has landed. This soundtrack reads like a Grammy itinerary. Some of the best musicians from different generations melted together into a beautiful symphony of classics. The track list has 29 flawless pieces. The powerful crescendos.Powerful builds create the dramatic sound screen for one of  HBO's best cinematic series to date. Westworld has also been renewed for season 4!


Space Oddity | Ramin Djawadi Avail now: From Westworld Season 3 #Westworld #RaminDjawadi #DavidBowie Tracklisting: 1. Main Title Theme – Westworld 2. Start a Revolution 3. Caleb 4. Rehoboam 5. Dissolved Girl 6. MOTO 7. Unsubscribe 8. You Are Not Even You 9. I Don’t Do Personals 10. Sweet Child O' Mine 11. Serac 12. The Winter Line 13. It’s Our Choice 14. Doomed 15. Decoherence 16. Hunter 17. Why Are We Here? 18. Wicked Games 19. Hope 20. Who’s to Blame 21. Activate 22. Space Oddity 23. The Choice Is Yours 24. Main Title from The Shining 25. Brain Damage 26. Divergence 27. Choose the Beauty 28. Welcome to the End 29. Free Will Check out the Westworld Playlist here: Follow Us: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:

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