Friday, May 1, 2020

WOODKID 2020 - Official Trailer

Wookid is next level. Pure intensity for theatrical cinematic perfectionism.


Woodkid - 2020 announcement
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GOLIATH - OFFICIAL VIDEO Available everywhere : — Directed by Yoann Lemoine Featuring Gregory Givernaud Cinematography by Kasper Tuxen Produced by Iconoclast Executive producer : Horace de Gunzbourg Line producer : Evan Djenki Assistant director : Antoine Poulet 2nd Assistant director : David Jancar Production assistant : Ronan Querrec Styling : Nick Royal Styling assistant : Alicia Rodriguez Production designer : Henry Boraros Casting : Nohmad Service production : Unit Sofa (Czech Republic) Producer : Filip Hejduk Line producer : Tomás Smrček Production manager : Robert Zapletal Production coordinator : Anna Fojtíková Location manager : Michal Rossler Post production : Firm Editor : Nicolas Larrouquere Colorgrade : Mathieu Caplanne Colorgrade assistant : Laure Goyer Post producer : Laura Roddier Flame artist : François Théron Flame artist : Olivier Zibret Flame assistant : Emma Saget 3D Supervisor : Benoit Revilliod 3D designer / Character Design / Character animation : Yoann Lemoine 3D designer : Pierre Pilard 3D designer : Matthieu Bernadat 3D designer : Arnaud Joli 3D designer : Charles Guerton 3D designer : Nicolas Martin 3D designer : Mathieu Negrel 3D designer : Badre Bouziar Matte painting : Benjamin Bardou Drones : Copterfilm Special thanks to Nicolas Lhermitte and Mourad Belkeddar @Iconoclast, Manuel Beard @Firm and all the Czech crew Thanks to all the teams at Adaptive Minerals : Thank you so much to the CNC for their help

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