Monday, May 18, 2020

DC Breaks & Smooth - 'Shogun Of The Dark'

DC Breaks & Smooth - 'Shogun Of The Dark'
RAM Rave Pt. 3


Paying homage to the Eps which still stand as a vital part of the Ram discography, the label is about to reveal the third part of the ‘Ram Rave’ EP series. After launching the succession of releases in 2019, providing a package for both DJs and fans alike, Ram pulls together a collection of cuts which has signalled for the dancefloor orientated artists within their scope.

Delivering Prestige, Focusfire, Smooth & DC Breaks, Disaszt, Living Plastic, LQ, Ungru, NC-17, HeadRead, Psynchro & Whalespruce and more into the mix, welcoming artists both old and new, Ram enable fans to supplement clubbing culture at home. And they’re preparing them for the time their favourite spaces open their doors once more.

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