Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Let's Go - Egypt

Last year in 2019 the Beautiful Destinations team traveled around Egypt for three weeks capturing the entire country. BD team member Jake Irish and I (Chris Shepherd) traveled through the eastern part of the country while our teammates Ben Mikha and Cory Martin split off to explore the western part of the country.

Jake and I started in Aswan and sailed up the Nile River to Luxor where we saw ancient temples and artifacts that I had only read about growing up. We then traveled east to the Red Sea where the water was turquoise blue and crystal clear; it was not surprising that it has some of the best scuba diving in the world. We finished our journey in the Sinai Peninsula where the hospitality of the local Bedouins greeted us at every turn and the rugged mountains and vast desert landscapes took our breath away. At the same time Ben and Cory traveled where we could not in Alexandria, Siwa, Fayoum, the Black Desert, and the White Desert. We could not have done any of this without our local guide Ahmed Wahba who may or may not have slept the entire trip to get us the shots we needed.

Although Egypt is known for the Pyramids, the country was much more diverse and the eclectic landscapes we encountered made it my favorite travel destination. I hope this video captures how incredible Egypt truly is!

Chris Shepherd | Filmmaker & Editor
Jake Irish | Filmmaker
Ben Mikha | Filmmaker
Cory Martin | Filmmaker
Matias De Rada | Filmmaker
Ahmed Wahba | Guide

Hamza Namira ft. Eftekasat - Dar Ya Dar
Egzod - Talisman

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