Sunday, February 4, 2024

Hear the RUMBLE!!! 🏆Skrillex, Fred again.. & Flowdan Win Best Dance/Electronic Recording | 2...


I personally agree that Flowdan is such an inspiration. I am happy to know they obtained this Grammy. This is not only a Grammy but a major nod to the fabric of underground. Flowdan is one of the hardest working MC’s in the game. People know I do not say that lightly because I am not a fan of  many when it comes to MC’s in general. Due to the fact that many MC’s have a long way to go to becoming performance  MC’s. Flowdan has the grit, tenacity & creativity to get the job done. If it was to be measured by weight one might say his talent is “ Ten Tons “ 😉👆🏼Skrillex has an amazing ear and doing his part to push the culture to the forefront. Reaching  to the underground pulling them into the limelight. Jungle! Congratulations to Skrillex, Fred Again & Flowdan. Fred Again was nominated twice for the same category. Flawless victory. The-last year has been a major win for music all around. Shout out to James Blake another amazing  album that was also deserving. Happy to promote so much great music. The competition was  real. So many artists created absolute fire. I’m excited to see more underground artist making their dreams come true!!!! Godspeed. 


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