Friday, February 2, 2024

BACK TO BLACK - Official Trailer [HD] - Only In Theaters May 17

It seems  HBO Max’s favorite “ Good girl, gone bad” ‘ Yasmin ‘Marisa Abela has made her way to to the silver screen as lead actress and British vocalist juggernaut Amy Winehouse!  Focus Features presents a highly emotional biopic of the worlds most cherished artist. 

 A colorful real life downward spiral of our times most talented. This heart wrenching depiction tells a tale of triumph and sorrow as a young Amy Winehouse falls into the gallows of super stardom. Marisa has paved the way for her leading role by delivering performance excellence in numerous roles including 2023’s mega box office hit Barbie! When it comes to theatrics this young lady has the ingredients to become one of films best. 

A cinematic innocence Marisa commands respect. Often monopolizing the screen with her emotional pout her emotion is undeniably important to every role she embodies. 

Marisa’s transformative role to Amy only solidifies her place as one of cinemas newest staples. I predict ‘Back To Black’ will not only become a cult hit but will earn Oscar nods across the board!!!! Amy’s story is long overdue. Marisa was absolutely the best pick for this role and this is no doubt a match made in vocalist heaven. Amy is given a timeless beauty that is raw and real. Fans will not be disappointed by this depiction of a truly misunderstood artist gone way too soon…


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