Sunday, February 18, 2024

Eliminate, fussy - Get Off The Internet (Official Visualizer)

 What is so provocative about Eliminate & fussy’s new track visual “Get Off The Internet”  is the literal depiction of the internet broadcasting “ IDIOT” across each and every 📺 screen. I will say I log onto socials only to promote. The narcotic narcissists have gone bananas. Toxic spirituality and false profits monopolize the web. People literally using fear based marketing to scare money out of people by convincing them that their life needs improvement or that they can profit and get rich by subscribing to countless platforms that lack substance and even worse credibility. It is a free for all. If you sit back and take stock of what is really going on it’s quite sobering.  Unfortunately youth take these shame tactics to heart. Society now has a depression problem…. Hear this, you are PERFECT 🤩 Anyone that truly wants to help you will not panhandle your cash to do it. People that care are not attempting to make money. Do not feed into the hype and GET OFF THE INTERNET!!! 😅😉


From my album 'Get Off The Internet' Out now: COME SEE ME ON TOUR: Watch the full album visual:    • Eliminate Presents: Get Off The Inter...   • MY VOCAL SAMPLE PACK: • MY BASS SAMPLE PACK: • TWITCH:   / eliminatehq   • DISCORD:   / discord   • INSTAGRAM:   / eliminatemusic   • TWITTER:   / eliminatemusic   • SUBREDDIT:   / eliminatehq   top secret burner account:   / dubsteptractor  

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