Thursday, February 22, 2024

Overcoming Psychosis and Addiction Through Painting w/ Opake // Populist...

Opake vocalizes his art journey. The beginning of street art exposing him to the dark underworld of hard drugs. Becoming homeless and lost to the streets. Eventually realizing through self awareness and getting help. Opake has a manic style of pop art  that is incomparable. An absolute talent who eventually gained clarity through art. Submerged in his work. Opalescent was able to gain clarity. Becoming the absolute best in his craft through hard work! Many do not see the benefits of hard work but hard work is how you build a collection and body of history that nobody can. There is value in hard work. 



“We got the chance to fly out to England and hang out with our friend Opake in his studio. We talk about how painting and graffiti helped him overcome his mental illnesses of psychosis and addiction and what he does to make sure he stays on the right path.” Thanks to Arthur Shot and Edited by Shane Allen // Patreon   / populistmagazine   // Website // // Instagram // Populist Magazine is a small independent arts and culture publication dedicated to documenting and interviewing interesting and creative people and artists around the world. . . .Art, artist interview, opake, opake interview, opake british, british artist, British artist interview, british artist interview, british graffiti artist, british graffiti writer, opake graffiti, opake studio visit, opake artist interview, psychosis, addiction, artists and addiction, british graffiti writer studio visit, overcoming psychosis, british transport police graffiti, psychosis art interview, artists with psychosis, british transport police graffiti, mental health, mental health and art, improving mental health with art, how art can improve mental health, how art helps mental health, london graffiti writer, london art studio visit, london graffiti, london artist, london graffiti interview, london graffiti bombing, london graffiti writer interview, london graffiti writer studio visit, london artist studio visit, cartoon artist, cartoon artist interview, cartoon artist studio visit, london painting interview, london graffiti bombing, london graffiti bombing 2024, british graffiti bombing 2024, graffiti bombing, art and mental health, mental health, improving mental health with art,

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