Monday, February 12, 2024

Calculated Risk | Urban Skating New York City

“Calculated Risk, a short NYC Urban Skating film, hopes to highlight how skating interacts with its environment. In this case, it's the Big Apple. New York City is this unforgiving, punishing, concrete jungle that is largely a grid. Skating here and finding the space to play between the lines (literally) in a rigid landscape is what brings me the great sense of freedom that I love sharing, and I hope that this edit relays that to you. To me, this is what urban skating is. It marries the childlike glee of rolling around on wheels while also interacting with the surrounding environment. Combining the speed and joy of recreational/fitness skating with a touch of the technical and freestyle elements of wizard and aggressive skating. I hope you enjoy this!” Thank you to @TerryB for helping make this project a reality in every way! Thank you to @PowerslideInlineskates for the Support on this project Although not in the credits, I want to thank @BUTTERTV for always being willing to offer guidance. Thank you to @endlessblading for supporting this project in a big way; their product has contributed to a large portion of my progression over the last few years. Endless engineers great frames that help both beginners and experts get the most out of their skate experience! My go-to frame is the Endless 90 LR which I think is the best Trinity frame on the market. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the Arc CS frame, which is the 5-wheel version for standard 165 mounting boots for more wizard/artistic style skating Check them out, and let me know if you have any questions. Get Left Hand Free by alt-J and over 1M + mainstream tracks here License ID: mXpK4Exjqra!The+Stu...

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