Thursday, February 29, 2024

Well look who just came swaggering back into the Ghost Town...CASPA FEAT. DYNAMITE MC - SILLY (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

There is nothing silly about Caspa & MC Dynamite teaming up for a heavy bass collab to kick off 2024. Caspa best known for being a global bass pioneer. Setting the standard for heavy bass experimentation. Caspa is the  architect of primal bass. Original and cutting edge. Caspa has a reputation for delivering a product that is unobtainable for other producers. Conceptual construct. The outline of bass  is weighed by the ton. A true navigator of sound exploration that has inspired other artists to attempt the impossible. 

Early beginnings in The Dub Police. Caspa, sworn sub soldier has collaborated with Rusko / The Others / Roni Size and soOo many more! Performing at some of the planets most revered venues & festivals, Caspa is respected as bass royalty. Setting the standard for the genre that has been untouchable by most. Recently teaming up with Dynamite MC. Dynamite emerging on the UK’s legendary Pirate Radio Dynamite MC has made a name for himself as not just an MC but a talented host on stage and  off on commercial radio. Performing &  collaborations with the likes of  Sigma, Andy C, Dj Zinc, High Contrast & more. 

There is no question Caspa & Dynamite 🧨 have what it takes to move into a new sound creation together. Having collaborated previously with Caspa on tracks “Rat-A-Tat Tat” & “The Takeover” the two  are forging a new path together. Both artists have been featured on BellaBassFly since the beginning of the platform.  Underground has a saturation of  artificial sound that has been perpetuated into the mainstream.  Thankfully Caspa is not one for repetitive technique or  flat baselines. Reputable music.


Caspa returns for his very first offering of 2024 appearing on his own UK imprint Ghost Town with a track entitled 'Silly' featuring the vocal talents of Dynamite MC, one of the biggest names in the global MC World, who over the years has worked with the likes of Krafty Kuts, Roni Size, DJ Zinc, Andy C and many more. Single comes backed with an instrumental version. Filmed, Directed & Edited by: Dazthedirector Ghost Town 2024 Copyright Control

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