Saturday, February 10, 2024

Tårar - Innellea & Yubik feat. Karin Park (The Belonging Album)

My Album Live Tour 'The Belonging' started: Dates & Tickets: Stream/Buy Album: My debut Album "THE BELONGING" is out now. A collective experienced catharsis. The process of releasing, and providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. As personal crises are part of life, we want to go through this journey collectively, from a silent, burned out state of ‘Where do we belong?’ Together, we will go forward forever through all the insanity until the certainty that ‘We belong here!’ as each track charts a step away from crisis, towards this feeling of belonging. The journey continues on stage with "The Belonging" Album Live Tour INN shop: _ Listen to INNELLEA on Spotify: Subscribe to the channel:    / @innellea   Follow INNELLEA: Instagram:   / innellea   Facebook:   / innellea   Tiktok:   / innellea   Soundcloud:   / innellea  

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