Monday, June 12, 2023

Sam Tompkins - Time Will Fly


listen to time will fly: i can’t believe this song is out! 'time will fly’ came out of me back in November 2021 when i was in LA. i had just had the most insane week, meeting, working, collaborating with some of my all time favourite artists/producers/writers and i just felt so proud of myself. the song was originally named 939 palm avenue after the address of where my manager and i were staying and it always meant so much to me, but it always felt like it wasn’t ‘sam tompkins’ enough. flash forward to the tour announcement a month or so ago (go grab a ticket if you haven’t already lol) and i felt i wanted to do something cool and different for it. i chose to remake this song and change a few lyrics. i made a really great video with the help of some insanely talented people on my team and then you guys BLEW THIS SONG UP. I mean, it’s crazy? Chris Brown reached out, Russ reached out, Logic reached out, G Eazy, Raye, the list literally goes on and on. i then decided to rewrite parts of the original 939 version and press record and, well… this is what i came up with. i hope you love it!x filmed and edited by mitchell peryer & jack morgan.

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