Tuesday, June 6, 2023

RAMPAGE OPEN AIR 2023: Trailer

Listen, hands down or hands up Rampage is the globes leading hard bass festivals taking place in beautiful Belgium there is no better way to kick off the summer! 40 thousand of your closest friends. Bass soldiers ascend. Happy summer solstice my friends. 


Rampage Open Air 2023 sets new standard for drum-'n-bass & dubstep in Kristalpark Lommel

"With 6 stages, over 300 acts, a larger festival and camping area, a larger all-female techno stage, more facilities, an exclusive 'camping festival' on Thursday ánd headliners Subtronics and Wilkinson, we're really going all-in!"
- Hans Machiels, founder Rampage -

On Friday 30 June and Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 July 2023, Rampage Open Air will once again transform the Kristalpark in Lommel into the Walhalla for all drum 'n bass & dubstep fans. If ROA 2022 was already a record edition with more than 40,000 partying soldiers, this year the organization will set a new standard. More than 300 top acts from the genre, spread over 6 stages, with internationally sought-after headliners Subtronics and Wilkinson making their appearance for the first time, Belgian phenomena such as Apashe, Used, Andromedik and Murdock (a total of 40 Belgian acts), but also edgy surprises such as beat wizards Eprom, Ivy Lab, Nitepunk, Ghoulish, Hamdi, and others (full line-up).
Female dj violence, exclusive camping festival on Thursday and
skate competition with a prize pool of €5000 !

Returns after huge success and by popular demand: the all-female techno stage. The beats of the female DJs will generally bang even louder than last year, because not only will the all-female techno stage be bigger and the line-up expanded (11), but there will also be another 27 female drum 'n' bass & dubstep DJs, bringing the total to no less than 38 female acts at ROA 2023. Very good news also for the ROA campers, because they can already pitch their tents from Thursday, June 29, so they don't have to miss anything of the festival, and they also get an exclusive, extra festival day at the campsite with a great line-up. Another eye-catcher on the festival grounds will be the immense, custom-made Rampage Open Air skate ramp (the largest in the world as far as festivals are concerned). This will also host a skate competition during the festival weekend, with a prize pool of no less than €5,000 to share!

In addition to all this fun, party animals can look forward to an even more insane overall experience on the wider festival and camping grounds. Double the fairground attractions, 3 swimming pools, fat pre- and afterparties, silent disco, big screen cinema, happy hours, BBQ Chef Zone, tattoo shops, body & face painting, gems makeup,... and the hot bakery will be back to provide delicious, fresh breakfasts for the partygoers!

The fact that more than 25,000 tickets have already been sold proves that the Rampage-soldiers are really looking forward to it. So the organization is aiming for a new record edition and hopes to welcome some 60,000 festival-goers to Lommel from June 29 to July 2.

Tickets & info: www.rampageopenair.eu

"With more than 25,000 tickets already sold, we are solidly ahead of last year's ticket sales, and of course we hope that this positive trend continues. Our goal with Rampage has always been to bring drum 'n' bass to the masses. By always striving for the highest in terms of production and experience, and the fact that catalysts like TikTok and Instagram are helping to spread the genre widely among Gen Z'ers (Zoomers), we are increasingly succeeding in this mission."
- Hans Machiels, founder Rampage -

Sun will be shining, bass will be loud, and fun will be had!
WATCH aftermovie Rampage Open Air 2022 !!

Rampage Open Air
June 30th + July 1st and 2nd 2023
Festival grounds Kristalpark Lommel
Address : Balendijk, 3920 Lommel
Organization : Rampage
Camping is provided as of Thursday, June 29.
Buses will be used between Mol Station and the festival site. Bus ticket to be bought in advance. 10 Euro there and back.

Parking near the festival site.

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