Wednesday, June 21, 2023

High Tea Goes to Let It Roll

Let it Roll Festival is an annual mecca for the drum & bass genre, one which brings together some of the best producers and DJs from across the scene to grace fans on multiple stages. This year, Dutch imprint and events brand High Tea Music are debuting their first ever takeover at the festival, where for one night they’ll be bringing a stacked line up of artists from their release catalogue. It’s no surprise that they were asked to bring their sounds to this year’s production, after they’ve taken a leading role in Europe for developing newcomer producers; they’ve also played host to club events from London to Amsterdam, meaning their mark has been difficult to escape over recent years. And in terms of their discography, tracks like ‘I Ran’ from T & Sugah and Low5, forthcoming on their ‘LET TEA ROLL’ EP, is a testament to their success.

‘I Ran’ brings together High Tea Music founders T & Sugah with producer Low5, exemplifying the musical prowess of the duo who bridge the gap between smashing dancefloor beats and emotive song writing. It’s your first look into what the pair have in store for the forthcoming EP and it was an apt opener, with T & Sugah being the figureheads who set the foundations for High Tea Music. Meanwhile, the entire EP’s tracklist is also stacked from beginning to end with high quality sounds. 

Due for release prior to the launch of Let it Roll, prepare for T & Sugah, alongside their roster mates, to provide you with a soundtrack to their forthcoming takeover in Czechia this summer.

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