Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Fast X Drone Shots - Johnny FPV

Fast X! I’m excited to finally share my drone shots from the latest Fast & Furious film. This was quite literally my first time flying a gimbal drone (lol), with the shots being created in collaboration with @warpcam and their camera system fitted onto my drones. The warpcam camera was operated by @dannyleavitt, @slamartist provided valuable direction and assistance, and further support from @gregorfrenzel, @brunowitt45, and Martin Foglia. Huge thanks to our director Spiro Razato and DP Igor Meglic for bringing this vision to life. Gimbal FPV is proving to be an extremely powerful tool, but of course I’m also very happy a bunch of my traditional FPV shots made it into the film haha. It’s super interesting seeing the two styles side by side and feeling the different energy that they can bring. Warpcam: DIRECTOR: SPIRO RAZATOS STUNT COORDINATORS: JACK GILL (SU), ANDY GILL (SU) STUNTS: JOEY BUCARO, ARTTU STENBERG, BRITTANY MARCOTTE (SUD), JALIL LYNCH (SU), STEVE KELSO, GREG BARNETT (SU), JIMMY ROBERTS (SU), HENRY KINGI SR. (SU), DENNEY PIERCE, DAVID GRAVES, MATT ANDERSON, JUSTIN SUNDQUIST, MIKE RYAN, JEFF GROFF, JOE ORDEZ My gear- Banshee: 5inch RTF: If you already have controller and goggles: Motors: Frame:

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