Friday, June 30, 2023

Anyma & Grimes - Welcome To The Opera (Visualizer)


Welcome To The Opera - out now! Steam: CREW Director: Grimes Assistant Director: Koto Murai EP: Frank Borin Producer: Shayna Gianelli Prod Manager: Ksenia Wávy DP: Kevin Phillips Phantom Tech: Charles Bergquist 1st AC: Matthew Stanley Gaffer: Tim Otholt Key Grip: Josh Anderson BBE: Pablo "Saint" Lopez Electric: Ethan Waddell BBG: Dominik Czaczyk DMX Board Op: Patrick Mattes Prod Design: Henry Atticus Art Director: Jack Taylor, Jr. Coordinator: Marissa Blair Camera Swing: AI Feneco Key PA: Daved Olivencia Art Assist: Sam Woodall, Fancis Daughtery Production: UnderWonder GLAM Makeup: Natasha Severino Hair: Preston Wada Styled by: Cece Liu, Anton Krug, DEMOBAZA Asst. Style: Odettaecho, Kassidy Taylor SFX Makeup: Tracy Du

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