Friday, June 16, 2023

Murdock & Ruth Royall - Cola

Stream / Download: Summer is finally here and Murdock delivers the definitive song to start celebrating. Keeping things lush and latin, it’s funky guitar licks and gentle strummings for days, all the while keeping the obligatory snappy breaks and rolling subs at the forefront as well. The incomparable Ruth Royall takes you away to a distant beach around golden hour, and sets the mood with gentle waves, ice cold drinks and imminent romance to follow. The perfect hostess to dance away a sultry summer evening, Ruth Royall showcases all of her talents, from sugary smooth, to deep and sexy, to exciting double-time. Whether it’s Coca-Cola & Red Wine, a Mai Tai, or another drink, it’s what you’ll need after being immersed in this latest offering from Rampage’s head honcho Murdock.​​​

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