Thursday, June 15, 2023

Close-Up w/ Michael Gardner

Mike Gardner’s goal isn’t a mountain peak or a big championship, it’s to be someone who is undefinable. Known best for his climbing pursuits and skiing accomplishments, Mike is way deeper than that. From skateboarding to skijoring (that’s skiing behind a horse!) to having as many amazing new experiences as he can, this guy is passionate about anything that makes life interesting. “I don’t like labels. I don’t want to be defined as a skier or a climber because that only tells half the story. That tells what I do, not who I am.” Get Close-Up with climber, skier, skateboarder, skijorer, and undefinable Arc'teryx athlete Mike Gardner. Produced by: El Flamingo Films Filmed & Directed by: Leslie Hittmeier Photos by: Drew Smith

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