Friday, November 20, 2020

DC Breaks - 'We Never Slow Down' feat. Eva Lazarus

Eva Lazarus returns on this bad ass track. We love you Eva!!!! Got to shout out DC Breaks...  I have been about DC Breaks since way before my blogging days. If it wasn't for this sound I would never have stepped into this world. DC Breaks always delivers that punchy kick that gets you going on the dance floor . Never been one for the gimmicks, flash or fakery so this track speaks to me. Not everybody cares about being bought. You earn your stripes on this block. STEP UP TO MY LEVEL! RAM Records never disappoints remember is YOUR SOURCE for  straight underground. We dance,  we don't sleep!!!!  WE NEVER SLOW DOWN!!! Believe that!


DC Breaks We Never Slow Down feat. Eva Lazarus RAMM400 


 DC Breaks have joined forces with singer/songwriter Eva Lazarus for their brand new anthem ‘We Never Slow Down’, forthcoming from their album project ‘DCXV’. Celebrating fifteen years of DC Breaks, it’s a journey through the sounds which the duo have penned since first releasing on Ram Records. Continuing with a host of reworks of their classic tracks, as well as fresh new deliveries alongside several collaborators, including the vocal talents of Eva Lazarus, this LP is also peppered with new music from one of Ram's most notable members. 

Through soaring vocal crescendos and dancefloor infused breakdowns, blaring horns and scuttling bass riffs, DC Breaks submerge you within their intricate tones. That's one more selection dropping as part of their ‘DCXV’ package and it signals a step closer to its eventual release.  


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