Friday, December 6, 2019

ATTLAS - Sinner Complicated (4K Visualizer)

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"This is the first track we're releasing from my debut album, 'Lavender
God'. Sinner Complicated is a textured, atmospheric, intentionally
narrative work that I'm proud to say pairs well with Thomas's stunning
and hypnotic visual work as the perfect first dive into the vast
'Lavender God',"


 ▶︎ Video Credit:
Shot by Thomas Moore

"After listening to this track for the first time, I knew I wanted to
create a journey through a surreal landscape—one that started out as
something very familiar. But as the track progresses, the journey
evolves into the unknown. I have always been inspired by the music
ATTLAS makes and the experience it delivers, so I wanted the visuals to
match that,"

 - Cyclo.

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▶︎ about #ATTLAS:
Over the course of the past four years, ATTLAS has become one of
mau5trap’s most celebrated artists. Canadian musician Jeff Hartford’s
enthusiasm for music began at a young age, he grew up playing in bands
and learning instruments like piano, trumpet, and guitar. His immersion
in songwriting continued to grow when he attended university, and he
interned for a composer after completing his courses. It was during this
time that he started applying the techniques he’d learned in the studio
to electronic music and began sending his completed works to deadmau5’s
mau5trap label. The label initially signed a few tracks and then ATTLAS
as an artist, and Hartford released three EPs in 2015 via the Canadian
imprint. In the years since then, he’s delivered singles, EPs, and
remixes – all showcasing the textured, introspective sound he’s spent
years cultivating.

2019 brings exciting new developments to the ATTLAS journey, including a
new installment of his lauded Storyline series and a debut album. The
album will “synthesize all the experiences and wandering paths that
ATTLAS walks,” according to Hartford, bringing together heavier sounds
and the emotive melodies he’s built his musical brand on. “[The album is
me] trying to learn who I am and tell my story through music, which has
given me so much and has been a home for me: a place to create, a
shelter from the storm, and a launch pad into the greatest adventure of
my life.”

▶︎ about mau5trap:
Over a decade since its formation, mau5trap -- the independent record
label founded by groundbreaking electronic music producer deadmau5 --
has become a bastion for trailblazing and genre-defying artists. Casting
a palpable influence over the genre, Mixmag readers voted mau5trap
among the “Top 50 Labels of the Decade”, placing it in the Top 10; since
then, the imprint has been supported by dance music magnates Billboard,
DJ Mag, Forbes, Insomniac, and The EDM Network. More recently, mau5trap
has maneuvered toward live events boasting curated stage takeovers at
the world’s biggest electronic dance music events like Ultra Music
Festival, Creamfields, EDC, and beyond.

The multi-genre platform has extensively served as an authoritative
platform for dance music heavyweights such as Skrillex, Feed Me, Zedd,
Noisia, Dillon Francis, Chris Lake, and Madeon; a combination of dark,
forceful techno and complex, electro sounds, the label acts as a hotbed
for rising talent such as REZZ, Getter, i_o, ATTLAS, No Mana, Matt
Lange, and others alike. Welcome to the horde


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