Saturday, December 14, 2019

Aladdin Meets Parkour in Real Life - Uzbekistan

Aladdin meets Parkour! Filmed in the country of Uzbekistan, in 8K.

We had the opportunity of a lifetime to film in the country of
Uzbekistan, which is in Central Asia :) The two locations we filmed in
were Bukhara and Khiva. Everything looked straight out of a movie, but
it was all real. The people were incredibly friendly, the food was
incredible, and the buildings and history were phenomenal!

We are going to Cambodia on our next big trip and your all invited! 

Here's the details: 

 The main parkour athlete/Aladdin was played by Calen Chan. He is an
incredible parkour athlete that we have worked a ton with. Check out his
work now: 

Aladdin: Calen Chan 

Calen's YouTube Channel: 

Princess Jasmine (girl at the end): Khodirova Shakhzoda 

The main bad guy and his two henchmen:
Safarov Mukhammad:
Sharipov Damir:
Mavlyanov Rusian: 

Produced by Bekruz Hamzaev 

Also produced by Bekzodbek Nozimbekov 

They both played a huge part in making this project happen.

Aladdin Costume made by Allison Dredge

Film by Devin Graham
Sound Design by Dan Pugsley
Colored by Ryan Romanovitch
Music Score by Stephen Anderson based off of the Disney Aladdin film. 

Filmed in 8K with the Red Monstro Camera. Aerial shots were done in 6K
with the DJI Inspire 2. For business inquiries ONLY, contact me here:

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