Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Ellen Allien - La Musica Es Dios (Mix 2)

Artist: Ellen Allien

Ellen Allien - La Musica Es Dios (Official Video)

Title: La Musica Es Dios (Mix 2)

 Label: UFO Inc.
Cat. No.: UFO3
Format: 12“ /

Release Date: November 25th, 2019 

Distribution: Clone/The Orchard

A1. La Musica Es Dios
B1. Junge sein
B2. La Musica Es Dios (Mix 2) 

 Listen/Buy here: 

Ellen Allien returns with the third release from her label UFO Inc. 

  Focused on a raw aesthetic, UFO Inc. serves as a space for artists to
explore the dark, rugged side of the music. On this third installment
from the label we get three deliciously dark productions...

The second mix works from the deeper tremor of its juddering bassline,
subtle beats tease this cut along with a contagious rhythm. As a master
of vocal hooks, Ellen skillfully introduces a distorted clip that
repeats over and over as the drama unfolds. Wistful pads and a sombre
riff keep it melancholy.

Video: Stini Roehrs x Pfadfinderei

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