Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Short Film On Common Misconceptions | Boiler Room

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'A short Film On Common Misconceptions' by Margot Bowman & Lynette

Directed by Margot Bowman
Written by Lynette Nylander
Original Artwork by Margot Bowman
Narrated by Lynette Nylander

Adapted from ‘How to Hit on a Girl’ by Éliane Thivierge published as
part of Rave Ethics, a zine edited by Ursula Xanadu, co-founder of
Future Ethics.


 Ana Mouyis


'Bomb silicon' by Bergsonist

'Excile' by Bergsonist: 

The Muse: Webstarr
Sound design: Evan Campbell
Executive Producer: Joe Walker
Producer: Cecilia Linares

Special thanks:
Becky Akinyode, Joakim Bouaziz & Crowdspacer Studio, Nikki Brown,
Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson,
Nellie Eden, Chris Keenan, Juliette Larthe, amy lee, hannah may, Kristen
McElwain, Amanda Maxwell, mia powell, Naomi Shimada, Éliane Thivierge,
Ursula Xanadu

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