Monday, February 22, 2021

KINJAZ | Lunar New Year Show 2021



What up everybody! Hennessy invited us to be a part of their livestream concert for Lunar New Year. 

 During the process of creating this show we realized that it's been a full year since our last live performance. Felt great to have an opportunity to get back in the space and to create with the mindset of a performance, rather than creating for video purposes only. We miss performing and we can't wait to connect with you all on the stage someday soon. RAFN. 

 Produced by: The Kinjaz Directed by: Vinh Nguyen & Mike Song

 Choreographed and Performed by: Vinh Nguyen, Tony Tran, Bam Martin, Mike Song, Darren Wong, Villn Lor, Mpact Lor, Joesar Alva, Charles Nguyen, Ben Chung 

Filmed by: Vibrvncy - Jon Shih, Gerald Nonato, Chad Mayate 

Edited by: Jon Shih Music by: Andy Mineo ft. Guvna B - “Keepin it Movin” 

Wardrobe by: Kinjaz & Vanquish

 Special Thanks: Hennessy, Andy Mineo, Reach Records, Dan Matthews, Gabri Nguyen

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