Monday, March 2, 2020

Paul van Dyk - Duality (official music video)

Paul Van Dyke releases visual for 'Duality'... A Breathtaking ballerina dancing by day, dancing by night. Always in perpetual motion. Rhythm, Paul Van Dyke has a story to tell.  Injured to a  death defying degree the juggernaut artists has managed to bounce back. Inspiration comes from the darkest places. Paul Van Dyke lets the light in.  Peak the 'Duality Visual. Follow the links below for more music from Paul Van Dyke.


Paul van Dyk - Duality (official music video)

‘Guiding Light’ – the upcoming album from Paul van Dyk – is heralded this week by ‘Duality’, its second single.

To a considerable degree, its release is the outcome of a book - specifically Paul’s Im Leben Bleiben (Holding On To Life), which was published last year. Writing it helped PvD begin to clarify much of what followed his 2016 on-stage accident. Through it came a greater perspective understanding of the toll, all before (and against considerable odds) he started to harness that clarity into something positive, artistic and inspirational.
While his late 2019 single ‘Parallel Dimension’ contained references to the time Paul spent unconscious, ‘Duality’ takes its cues from his awakening, the gathering awareness of his circumstances and how he began to confront them.

Paul expands: “Duality is a state of mind you find yourself in. The brain is still echoing the strongest signals of how you’ve become used to seeing yourself: completely fit and vital and able to do everything. The truth is that your body is not currently capable of doing all those things, putting you in a surreal existence. This track is about starting to resolve that duality”.

Musically, he’s translated that into an instrumental cut which races - start-through-finish - with PvD’s restless, relentless dynamism. Think ‘Columbia’s high-pace rush crossed with harmonic shades of ’Angel’ and spiked by ‘Crush’s killer key changes. A track that DJ Mag’s scored “9/10” and called “the most striking, exciting PvD standalone - ‘Touched By Heaven’ and ‘I Am Alive’ included - of the last eight years”, ‘Duality’ mainlines today.

Film created by Merritt Moore, quantum physicist and professional ballet dancer, and Inés Vogelfang, film director and editor.

This film made in the for the Imagine Science Film Festival Symbiosis Competition 2017, is inspired by the wave-particle duality of light. The columns resemble the double split experiment and the movements are based off the Schrodinger equation, the mathematical equation of a quantum system.

Light is both wave and particle until it is observed and then it is detected as one or the either. As a physicist, who recently graduated with a PhD in Quantum Optics from the University of Oxford, and a professional ballet dancer, Merritt related to this particle – wave duality. She found she had to fight against the preconceived notions to be true to herself and not change based off who’s observing her or what others think. There is a popular belief is that doing both negates each other, that pursuing two passions might destructively interfere to create null. Merritt and Inés believe that pursuing art and science results in constructive interference, because the two actually strengthen each other. They believe that creativity and imagination is necessary in the lab to think of new ways to solve a problem and an analytic mind helps so much in the studio when perfecting a move.

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