Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Upgrade Delivers His Next Ram Single - RAM Records

For Upgrade’s next single on Ram Records, he again explores the full scope of his artistry with ‘What It Means’ and ‘Thunder’. First debuting on Ram as part of their annual compilation series, then moving to his first standalone single on the imprint, he’s now a regular part of its release schedule. With the harder throes of ‘You Got Me’ providing the more dance floor essence of his production, ‘Thunder’ follows the same vibe whilst ‘What it Means’ focuses more on the vocal-led melodies like his previous single ‘Won’t Hold Back’

Whilst ‘Won’t Hold Back’ introduced Upgrade’s vocals into the mix, ‘What it Means’ sees him continue this route, with it becoming a defining feature of the track’s musicality. ‘Thunder’, on the other hand, presents the single’s aggressive flip. Together, they deliver a brand-new addition to the Ram catalogue for Upgrade, now a definitive part of its roster.

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